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It’s Official!

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Bob and I finally got Invader to the vet, and made sure he doesn’t have an ID chip. None of the lost cat sites I’ve checked out have listed any cats like him, so he will be inducted into the family officially with the traditional rite of passage.. i.e. he is spending the night at the vets and will be neutered tomorrow. Please congratulate him.. he may not appreciate the neutering otherwise.

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Welcome, Invader! What a lucky kitty!

What a beautiful cat! Warm wishes for many happy years together.

Oh he is lovely. :D Congrats! :D

What a handsome fellow! Congratulations all around.

Congrats! We're thrilled for you and what a charming kitty!

Thank you! He is home now, and confined to the bedroom so he doesn't get too active. I need to go in there and keep him company, he's complaining about being ignored. He got a chip too. Hopefully he will never need it

Vader feels better and is already picking on his sisters. What a guy! (I'm kind of hoping the neutering will tone that down a little)

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