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Robin, can you use this?

Hi, I found today on Facebook that Chase is using an ap as a kind of contest to decide how to disburse $5mil in donations to local charities. I have used up 3 of my 20 votes, 17 left. Robin, if you want to set up the The Animal Center with a page, or if you would like to suggest a group for me to spend some of those votes on, it would be a pleasure. I'm thinking that with your blog and twitter, you could make an animal charity a contender.

Info Link:

Help! Suggestions greatly appreciated...

Invaded showed up with two small smears of blood on his shoulders. Last night I found a small but obvious painful wound on Bandit's flank (I hope we're not looking at an abcess developing, I put neosporin on her and she does seem better this morning.) Anyway all of this left me worried that Invader just wasn't going to fit in and I'd had to search for someone who would offer him a single cat home. The good part of the story is, I have found out that Invader isn't the troublemaker I was beginning to fear that he was.

To my great surprise, as I was doing a chore up the in attic this morning, I saw a face staring at me that just didn't belong there. The neighbor's cat.

And I have no idea what to do about him!

It’s Official!

Bob and I finally got Invader to the vet, and made sure he doesn’t have an ID chip. None of the lost cat sites I’ve checked out have listed any cats like him, so he will be inducted into the family officially with the traditional rite of passage.. i.e. he is spending the night at the vets and will be neutered tomorrow. Please congratulate him.. he may not appreciate the neutering otherwise.

Kudos for Stranger

I'm not sure of the best way to present this, but I thought you might enjoy the cover used by The Stranger this past week in Seattle.

Sep 24 - 30, 2009

Vol. 19, No. 3

Here's the caption:

Cover Art by Kelly O. Special thanks to Peter and Anna. This kitten and his brother are homeless. If you’re interested in adopting one and you’re not a creep, e-mail

Cover-400.jpg ----------------------------------------

I'm hoping they got lots of great applicants and they picked a really great home for the little fellows.

(the paper came with a half sheet movie ad wrapped around it, so you didn't know what the lady was so delighted with until you peaked under the ad)
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