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Foster Cat Journal: Oh Sh-t!

dancer poop in sink.jpg

I know. It's so close you can almost smell it, right?

This is what I get for letting the kittens run around in my bedroom without giving them access to a litter pan. I also should not have shown Dancer and Donner that it's fun to drink out of the faucet. Now they're obsessed with playing in both of the “jack and jill” sinks. One of the kittens got the great idea to “drop off a few friends at the pool” when I left them unattended for a few minutes! I left them alone too long, so it was my fault.

I got everything cleaned up and bleached and the kittens back to their room. Later last night, I let them back into the bedroom for some play time. They weren't even in the room for 10 minutes before I got a death-whiff of something NASTY. I hoped one of the kittens ripped a “toot,” but as I made my way to the bathroom (MY sink, by the way), it was clear that Dancer was just finishing up taking (really it would be LEAVING) a dump.

Great. Now I need to keep them locked up in their room for a day or two. I don't want this to become a habit. Also, I better get a litter pan in my bedroom when I let them play in there.

I know it could be worse. As Sam said; "At least it wasn't on the bed."

My answer was: “As far as we know.”


I can sympathize. And I always wonder how such a big stink can come out of such tiny kitties (even when Barney was little you could smell it two rooms over). I have to say, I learned quickly (though luckily with cat pee, not poop) that when I take a kitten with me to take a box too (it was usually a two step trip to move them to the bedroom at night). I guess if you haven't had many accidents then it wouldn't even occur to you - it didn't for me until the bathroom accident of 2008 (thank goodness for tile and the fun of playing in a plastic bag - nice easy cleanup).

maybe you should toilet train them. someone seems to prefer cool porcelain over bits of clay.

i LOVE when my babies are smart about these kinds of things. when riley was young, he'd hop in the tub if he had a sick-poo. and my cat nephthys always does her nastiest barfs on the tile.

Oh man, I feel the pain. In fact I was busy noshing on some yummy honey mustard pringles when I clicked to check out the new post and immediately stopped chewing.

Sorry about that. i was thinking I should have photoshopped a black rectangle over most of the image! if you go to blog paws, I'll buy ya a cuppa coffee!

Glad I already ate dinner....

So did it go down the drain or did you have to scoop/wipe it out of there? Ewww.

Kittens. You gotta love 'em.

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