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I'm absolutely shocked and thrilled to share our good news that thanks to ALL OF YOUR SUPPORT and VOTES we've WON the Dogtime Pettie Award for Best Blog Post for “Dear Fred,” which honored the last day of Fred's life before he passed away.

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If you'd like to see a rebroadcast of the Awards Show, go HERE

More than anything I'm so grateful that now Fred will live on. His short life was truly precious and knowing that in some way his story will be heard by so many is a humbling gift.

I'm also overjoyed that my non-profit cat rescue, Kitten Associates will be getting the prize money-a $1000.00 donation that will go directly to our newest rescued family.

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Not only are we celebrating our win, but our dear friend Ingrid King of The Conscious Cat won Best Overall Pet Blog (for a second time!) and Ingrid has generously offered her prize money/donation to Kitten Associates, as well! This will make it very easy to tell our super-foster mama, Maria that YES, we can afford to take the abandoned kitty-family she found and be able to provide care for them without worry.

Rescue never sleeps-awards or not. Meet Biscotti & Pizzelle. Two of a family of four just rescued. Stay tuned for more about these sweet 4-week old kittens, their two siblings and their mama!

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and THANK YOU. THANK YOU VERY MUCH to my dedicated friends who made this award happen. THANK YOU!!! This award means the world to me.


And I'm absolutely swooning from the cuteness!  There is nothing like a little tuxie - all the white whiskers in the little black faces.   I'm already in love with Pizzelle!  I can't wait to meet the rest of the fam and hear the whole story.

We're so happy for you and the kittens, Robin!

Well done and BIG congrats!


Katie, Waffles & Glogirly


     I was so happy to see that "Dear Fred" won! I had gone to the site about 15 mins. after it started and actually went in to tears to see that you won. I miss Fred, but know he is whole again and happy chaising birdies and playing with other fur friends that have crossed to Rainbow Bridge. I'm sure he has met some of my furry friends that have crossed and they are having a ball now. I know that one day we will all meet again and have tears of joy to see each other again. Fred stuggled to keep going and his story deserved to win in his honor.

     I have followed Minnie and her babies from day one and just love this family to pieces. I was a happy/sad to read that Yukon Stan got adopted. I wish they could of been adopted in a pair of two then the other three together. They all have been such a joy to watch them running around, playing like crazy together. My TJ just loves to watch these babies and will not get out in front of my monitor when I have them on. She will watch them till they tucker out and take naps, then she lays in front of the monitor and takes her nap. I hope Stan doesn't get lonely for his siblings and has a loving, caring family that will give him a life he deserves.

     How's Mama Minnie doing in her new foster home? I think of her all the time. She had gone through a lot and had been such a loving sweet caring Mama to her babies. She was so sick and you made it happen to get her well again. Keep us updated if you can on Minnie and Stan.

     CONGRATULATIONS again on your win and a BIG THANK YOU to Concious Cat for donating their winings to you also. I see that the winings wil be used to take care of a new family you have taken in. The pic of the two kittens are adorable and can't wait to hear their story.

     Keep up the great work you do and thank you for taking care of the fur balls that need the help!

     God Bless you. Love, kisses and hugs to all!

  Jeanne Voreis

I love your comment, Jeanne. Thank you SO MUCH. I was just about to jump out of my skin right before the announcement. I kept saying " please, please, please for Fred...let me win this for Fred!"...I still can't believe we won. I really can't. I told Fred what happened. I gave the little tin box his ashes are in a kiss. I'm both elated and miserable. I'd rather lose and have Fred any day but it softens the heartache when I know that his story and his life was not lived in vain. I'm also deeply honored and humbled by the support of wonderful people like you who are there for me when times are the worst and who root us un and jump for joy with us on the good days. I would love to see photos of TJ watching SqueeTV! I hope you share them with us on facebook. WOULD LOVE IT! My best to you both and lots of hugs!! Robin :-)

Oh Robin, I'm swimming in tears of joy that Dear Fred won Best Blog Post (and deservedly so)! And so great of Ingrid to have Kitten Associates recieve the donation. You do crazy good work, Robin, and I'm SO pround of you (I know Fred is too). Lots of love and hugs to you.

Dante, Puck & Lynda

Fred's story has a forever place in my heart and while I mourn his loss with you, I am happy to know that his story will live on and that his Pettie win will help so many other kitties....

Jeanne said it all, I think, Robin -- couldn't happen to/for a sweeter kitten, or a better organization.  Very glad, for all the reasons, that this has occurred and know the prize will be put to the best possible use.  Grow those kittens! >^^< in tribute to a great kitten, Fred <3

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