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A Few of My Favorite Things


Designer/art director; great love for typography & editorial design. I’m a gamer, a daydreamer and a lover of cats. Deep down, I want to be a marine biologist.

Movies and Television

Love British television and anything in cartoon form.

Yes, I Read, Too!

I read whenever the op presents itself. Historical fiction and memoirs and, of course, graphic novels.

The Sound of Music

The music of the sixties, seventies is what I listen to most. I admit the fact that a select group of disco tunes will make me dance in the supermarket isle.

About My Cats

My Cats

My first cat was Jack. A big orange tabby who won my heart and still has it. Jack passed almost two years ago. Not a day goes by that I don't talk with him. It was only about a year and half after Jack's passing that we felt ready to open our hearts back up so we went down to our local shelter and adopted two brothers. Puck and Dante have really brought us back to life.

Personal Info

Lynda Donati
Blogs, Web Sites and More (wish tumblr was around when we had Jack at first)

Working Life

Industry You Work In
More About What I Do
I'm an art director/graphic designer. For the last thirteen years, I've worked in higher education. My husband does the same and runs his own studio.


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