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The best toys in life are cheap!

Less is always more with kitties..

Here's my list:

1. Milk jug rings and caps
2. Tin foil balls
3. Da Bird Link
4. Cat Dancer Link
5. String or ribbon tied to the ceiling fan with maybe a feather at the end
6. Christmas sticky bows
7. My feet (oddly kitties feel the need to wage war with them)
8. Dry leaves or twigs with leaves, acorns, or other nuts
9. Legos (these can be hazardous to human feet)
10. My earrings.. great for pawing!

I keep seeing those cute expensive toys, I buy them and the cats look at me like I have two heads.

Have to agree, milk jug rings, tin foil, shoe laces and strangely empty boxes are a big hit.

They plant themselves in empty boxes and get so excited when I walk by, like I'm prey and then they pounce and attack.

One thing I would prefer they not play with, Toilet Paper. Just leave it be. It's not there to be a toy, really. Please!

My cell phone! If it rings, Niko will look up and go on the hunt, following the sound. When he finds the phone, he will pick it up by the antenna and carry it off to his "lair", where he will sit on it. My antenna is an embarrassing mess of tooth marks. It, quite naturally, will appear to others as if I chew on my own phone.

I am not sure why he does this, but he has now done this with two separate phones, using a number of ringtones! He's definitely inspired by "Bittersweet Symphony" though..

The most odd thing? There are 3 cell phones in the house, and one cordless house phone. My phone is the only one he stalks and kills. So, if you call, and I don't answer, it's probably because I can't find my phone!

I never heard of cats trying to kill a cell phone, but there must be something about the sound that drives Niko nutty!

My cats love kraft paper that's on a big roll. If they could have about 6 to 10 feet of kraft paper, they'd be in hog heaven. They like to hide under the paper and attack each other. They also seem to love (again, a particular sound) the sound of the paper rustling.

Their second favorite toy is a cardboard shipping container. I'll find them napping in it, biting it, and stalking each other in it. Very sweet, right?

Yet, I still go out and spend a lot of money on cat toys!

My little furball, Heinie can't have enough straws. I think it helps fulfill his need to bite down on something! He only likes the long red ones though - have tried the clear ones & striped ones, but he just ignores them.
He also likes my feet when I am wearing socks.
Vinnie will steal Heinie's straws from him. I guess when Heinie is playing with them it looks like a lot of fun. Vinnie will grab it and run into the other room with it.
My Pirate likes a pink stuffed rabbit - he will drag it around while making "worry" sounds. It is very cute!

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