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The Loss that May Break the Internet. Farewell Big Daddy.

I just got word that after a 7-month battle with nasal lymphoma that Big Daddy had to be humanely euthanized this afternoon. His daddy, Warren worked tirelessly to find a way to keep this gentle giant alive, but in the end the cancer made it impossible for Big Daddy to have any quality of life. It had spread and was far worse than anyone realized. Though they sought out help from Vet-oncologists and made sure that no matter what, Big Daddy had everything he needed to live the best life he could, it would never be as long as any of us would have wanted.

BigDaddyPortrait W Mahoney
©2014 William Mahone. The face that launched 10,000 friends on Facebook…Big Daddy.

Big Daddy's story is truly unique and in many ways breathtaking. From an injured stray cat who was assumed to be feral, Big Daddy sauntered into Warren's trap and the rest is history (some of it you can read in a selection of my previous posts HERE, HERE and HERE).


What hooked all of us from day one was that face. Big Daddy always had this forlorn expression-mixed with a combination of curiosity and surprise. When we expected him to be aggressive, he was mild-mannered. When he had to go to the vet or ride in the car he never complained. He never was foul-tempered even after getting painful radiation treatments. He tolerated chemotherapy, too, all with grace and dignity. He liked nothing more than to sleep with Warren and relax by the fire or hang out with his other kitty buddies.


Though I have never had the pleasure of meeting Big Daddy, I've been in the background helping Warren learn about feline nutrition and how it would help Big Daddy's prognosis. I also helped raise funds and shared funds from my own rescue. I was there for the late-night calls and tried to help Warren manage the excrutiating emotional ups and downs of Big Daddy's many close calls.

As time passes we'll learn more details about why Big Daddy was so happy and seemingly fine barely 24 hours ago and what trigged a massive seizure that though he recovered from, it uncovered something else, something so dire there was nothing more that could be done for him other than to allow him to have seizure after seizure. It was no way to live.

Warren promised him a long time ago that he would not let him suffer and he kept that promise today.

Big Daddy and Warren
©2014 Warren Royal. BFFs Warren with Big Daddy.



When I die I hope I come back as Warren's cat. His devotion, compassion and love for Big Daddy should be something honored and revered. He is the epitome of a Cat Daddy. If everyone was like Warren this world would be a far better place.


I know Warren, his family, his co-workers at Royal Bobbles, all the friends and families who loved Big Daddy from near and far are all heartbroken today-including myself. Big Daddy lived big, loved big and sadly died after a big battle that no one could win.


We love you Big Daddy. We will never forget you. Fly free.


I'm so sorry to hear about the loss of Big Daddy. The world was a better place with him in it. His sphere of influence went beyond his handlers to influence not just you and your family, but thousands of others.

I just lost a sister to cancer that came on sudden and, like with Big Daddy, had spread further than anyone realized. So I understand the loss.

Here's to you, Big Daddy. Thanks for being a top cat!



Warren, my deepest sympathies to you. Know that Big Daddy touched a lot of lives. I respect your decision. Rush you for sharing his life with us. 

This earth has lost a great and brave soul -- but Big Daddy's brand-new shiny star will always shine in the heavens to remind his loved ones and all of us who rooted for him that he is close by, watching, and free, whole, and healthy forever!  Our family has lost two beloved felines to cancer, and I lost my "sis" (not biological -- but of the heart and soul) to this scourge as well.  No one would wish that on anyone.  Fly free, Big Daddy.  Forever loved and cherished <3

Very sorry to hear this, Warren.

The world was and is a better place for him and other cats b/c of your concerns and big heart.

The sun shines a little less bright today, the air feels a little colder. We lost another good soul and we are saddened by his departure. Condolences on your loss.

Goodbye beautiful Big Daddy you gorgeous boy. I'm so sorry your life was cut short by cancer but so happy you had such a lovely man as Warren to love and care for you.

Barbara UK



Sad news. Such a charismatic cat, his presence was bigger than he was! Thanks, Warren, for being such a great Cat Daddy. You did good. Thanks for sharing the news, Robin.

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