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Not on My Watch: Save-A-Pet-Roulette!

We all get notices about cats and dogs needing rescue. Many of them are marked as “urgent.” It's great that we can get together and help spread the word, BUT there are millions of animals out there who need help, who go unnoticed. Many of them don't have a group of folks trying to help them get a forever home.

I came up with a fun way to help animals, it's totally free, just takes a minute of your time and could potentially help save more animals lives.

I call it:


Step One: Visit Petfinder

Step Two: “Search for a Pet.” Do you want to help a dog, cat, bunny, goat, what? Chose Animal Type, Breed, and a zip code. You can GUESS a zip code, or chose the zip code of your own home town. It's more effective if you choose a local zip or a zip in your state, since most of your friends will be able to share with their friends and be able to act on a local level! Hit the “GO” or “SEARCH” You don't have to fill in BOTH locations of Search for a Pet, just one is fine.

petfinder copy.jpg

Step Three: Review Search Results. Which animal would you like to save. Pick one!

mackenzi in pf.jpg

Step Four: Chose the Tweet and the Facebook icons to share with your friends!


Make sure you ADD information on WHERE the cat is located when you send out your Tweet or Facebook share!


That's all it takes! Doing this does not require you to adopt a cat or sponsor a cat or dog, etc, but it's a way of helping spread the wod about animals in need and it's fun to know that you may have helped get that animal adopted because one of your friends, or their friends, or beyond...has heard about that animal and it got a home.

Now go. Save a life!


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And if you live in Australia and think Roulette is a great idea, try There is a great choice for new best friends there!

So simple, so easy, and it works...thanks for your help and instructions

Random generation - roulette. Nice catchy word! I hope I get a parrot like "Blue" in Rio.

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