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Silly Saturday

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©2010 Robin A.F. Olson

Before I found the big barf to clean up or even made it out of bed, this was the first thing I saw this morning; Nicky and Blitzen, snuggled together. Nicky weighs 19 lbs and is one of the biggest cats I have ever seen. At 8 months, little Blitzen looks like he's got a long way to go before he'll be as big as his new “brother.”

Looks like Blitzen has learned how to fit in quite well.

But really. We need a bigger bed. Sam's legs are behind Blitzen and Sam is almost hanging off the mattress! Oops.

Happy Caturday!

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I totally know about bigger beds!
We are in two separate beds right now because of kitty sleeping issues.
I am a bad sleeper and one of our cats HAS to sleep with my hubby all night and we are in a tiny one
bedroom with no doors so the living room has a full size bed as the couch and the bedroom has a queen.
This is all for the KITTIES and so we can actually sleep at night.
Then there is Sunny who wakes me up every morning yowling to go outside.
But he has to be an indoor cat now. So, even though we have separate beds...I still need cat naps
and lots of them!!!!

Ha!! Just kidding, Sam! I have a king size bed, way too big for the small bedrooms in this house, from when I was married. I've been alone now 2.5 years and have thought several times about downsizing so there would actually be room to walk in said bedroom. Waking up to 7 kittehs comfortable clustered around me (5 mine, 2 fosters) has convinced me that the king size should stay.

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