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For Margo. Ch 2. THANK YOU!

Margo and casper rt

We made our fundraising goal for Margo's surgery! Hopefully she will only need one procedure but there's a chance she will need up to two more. We will only know once the first surgery is done and she's healed up. Then we'll see how her function is going, if she has any infection or failure of the reconstruction. She has one of the top surgeons in the country doing her surgery so we hope that will help her have the best outcomt possible. 

Next steps: Visit to GP Vet on Friday the 27th where they will do pre-op blood work and some other tests. Then we wait until May 8th for Margo to meet Dr Ellison, at U of Florida Small Animal Hospital. They will be examining her and determing if she is ready for surgery or if we need to wait longer.

Thank you to everyone who made this chance possible for Margo. She would literally die if we don't try and now she, at least, has a chance and that's because of ALL OF YOU for donating, for caring, for sharing. 



Oh, that is wonderful, Robin!  Grateful *PRAYERS*.  And may she only need the one surgery! <3

We all hope Margo's future surgery will do the trick!

Sending hugs and purrs

Never read a blog before.  Just saw a comment about this from Kathy Ray on Pay It Forward, and was trying to read your blog.

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