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Foster Cat Journal: The Nightmare Before Christmas

Yesterday was tough for me. I woke up at 7am, after only five hours of sleep. I was up late the night before because I hadn't spent enough time with Cupid and her kittens since they arrived. I've made sure they've had plenty to eat and drink and a clean litter pan, but that's about all the time I've had. I've been so busy running the sick cats back and forth to the vet, spending time with Dash (he's alone most of the day and I take him out and run him around as much as I can) and dealing with the many applications from hopeful adopters, calling them, calling vets, calling our Director, getting photos of them to the paper, that it left me having to wait until midnight before I could start to have some real time with them.

cupid and babes.jpg
Cupid lets me know how she feels about me.

Cupid is laid back and sweet. The first days she was here, she spent a great deal of time, pressed up in the corner of the big dog crate I use when I need to separate cats from each other. She looked depressed. The many weeks of life in a cage had probably taught her that life was meant to be spent sitting in one spot, all day, up against metal bars. I thought she might not be friendly, but that was not the case.

Cupid has slowly been allowing herself to rest on the bed, that has a big fluffy down comforter on it. I found her sitting on the cat condo by the window this afternoon. She seems content, but also fragile. It's tough to get her to eat, but once she starts she's all right. She's battling the same damn URI the other cats have and maybe her sense of smell is off. I worried about mastitis, but she seems fine when I checked her mammary glands. She's painfully thin, but even after a few days her coat has improved a lot. I think that one day she will really be a serious beauty, once she gets her health back.

If I could have rested in that moment, I would have been fine, but I had to talk to our Director about where Comet and Rudy were going to be living. Our Director was "done" with fostering and would only help in an emergency. I did NOT want either of the cats in my house. They were still quite sick and I didn't want MY cats to get sick or Cupid and her family to get sick! Sniffles are one thing, but raging high fever and bad congestion is a big problem.

I've got two rooms I can use. That's it. I have my big foster room for mama and the babies-done deal. I have a bathroom with a tiny laundry room attached-which is space two. I don't want ANY cats in that space. It's a nightmare to do laundry while there are cats in the room, plus it's too much work. It takes me about an hour per feeding to get everyone fed, fresh water, cleaned litter. If it's just one room plus my own guys, that's one thing, but an extra room of cats-not good.

Dash at window copy.jpg

I've got Dasher in room two. He can't be put back with Rudy and Comet. Dash is doing fairly well. He's eating great, running around, sneezing, but that's it. If I put those other sick cats in with him, I can't adopt him out on Wednesday.

I give Dash a break as often as I can, to get out of the tiny bathroom and run around in the bedroom. He's a joy to have around.

So I can't take them, the Director won't, I can't ask Jennifer because she has geriatric cats and it's too much to ask her to take on sick animals. I can't ask Rick, another foster, because he has six cats of his own. I had our Director ask our Vet to do a medical boarding of the cats until after Christmas-just to give me breathing room and maybe the cats would be healthy enough to not be such a high risk of getting my cats sick. They said, No. I called Dr. Larry and talked to Super Deb. It was weird that she answered the phone on a Monday (she doesn't usually work on Monday's), but I was grateful to talk to her. By the time I called her, I was in tears. I had tried to figure out how to deal with these sick cats. It wasn't my fault they were so sick, but it was on me to care for them. Thankfully, Super Deb said; YES, but it would COST. I felt at that point, there is no price I wouldn't pay for sanity. I honestly felt like I was about to crack from stress.

Now all I had to do was get Rudy to the Vet for a checkup. Pick up Comet from the same Vet, then drive over to Dr. Larry's office and have them both examined, then they would be boarded, but only for a few days. On Christmas eve they have to be picked up. Not ideal, but better than nothing. If I play my cards right, I can get Dash out of here (adopted) and slot the sick cats into my bathroom. Also, the sick ones would have 4 more days of meds-which would put them at just a week's worth. That might be enough to get them to a point where they are doing better.

Just as I was about to walk out the door to meet our Director to pick up Rudy and get him to the Vet for a re-check, I got a call. It was from Julia, Vixen's adopter. Vixen was sick. She broke with the URI and Julia wanted my advice. When she said: “Didn't get up this morning..not eating...vomiting” I urged her to get the kitten to the Vet-already done. She was going in shortly. Holy shit...that's four cats with this nasty URI. Of course I had warned Julia that this might happen and Julia is a great person-totally understanding. She doesn't have other cats so it was safe for her to bring Vixen home, but now that she was home, she was in trouble. I felt guilty and responsible. I have never and would never knowingly adopt out an animal that was sick. I was mortified. No wonder...a few hours later I found out that Vixen had close to a 106°F temp and had a SERIOUS EAR MITE INFECTION on top of that.

Ear mites are not that big of a deal, but in this case it was the straw the broke the camels back. NONE of these cats should have ear mites!!!!!Supposedly they were ALL checked by a VET before they left GA. Something wrong is going on. I don't know what it is, but I did ask Barb to find out. This is why we do the fundraiser-so we can afford to get the cats vetted before they come here. Transports don't cause ear mites-at least not this bad. And that, I found out later, was not even the half of it...

I got Rudy to the Vet. He looked marginally better. No weight change. No temp. Ate for us. Still very snotty and a bit teary. Had blood in his nasal discharge. They added one more med to his bag of tricks and said they wanted to check him in a week to ten days. “When can we get him to his new home???”...two weeks?? Yes. About that...we have to see how he's doing. Great. Now I may lose the adopters we have for Rudy and Comet, since Comet is only marginally better herself.

rudy at vet.jpg

Comet was released with lots of meds. Her eyes look much better, but she is very snotty. She also was pooping out tapeworms. Nice!!! Were any of these cats really de-wormed or was it a lie? No problem I will deworm everyone again to make sure...again...what is going on here?

Now that the better part of the day was behind me, I had yet to get the cats over to see Dr. Larry. Actually, they saw Dr M. since Dr. Larry is off on Monday's. I loaded the cats into the car and drove through rush hour traffic just getting to his office on time. I dreaded going there partly because I knew I was going to see Julia and I was scared to find out if Vixen had taken a turn for the worse.

Super Deb looked over Rudy and re-checked his vital signs. Rudy was a playful little imp. Nothing seemed to bother him much. Deb stepped out of the room and I sat down, holding Rudy in my crossed arms. Rudy laid across my chest, like a baby. Deb opened the door and as she did, Rudy suddenly grabbed at my right boob and nipped my nipple-as though he was going to nurse off me!!! Debbie stopped frozen in her tracks, then stepped back out of the room, shouting “I didn't see that!” I had good laugh, but man was that FREAKY!!!!!! No pix. Sorry everyone!

Then Comet was checked out. She is really really thin and dehydrated, still. She had a fever, but that could be brought on by being in the car or her being due for another antibiotic OR she is running a fever. Regardless, she was going to be cared for by good people who have the skills to make sure she stays in better shape for a few more days. Then, she will be my problem, but for now I had a break...

...until Dr. M came into the room and ripped me a new asshole.

It wasn't enough that I was feeling horrible about so many cats being sick. That it was my fault that I subjected them to this awful transport and that they are too young to handle it. Well, some of the cats that are sick are 6 and 8 MONTHS old. The kittens are doing marginally better (other than Rudy). This also seems to be a great opportunity for people to give me shit about doing transports at all. You know...let me tell you this: the deal is done. I did the transport. The animals got sick for one reason or 100 reasons. Some are shitting worms. Some have ear mites and flea dirt. Let's get them well and not use this as a platform to make whatever point you want to make. Apparently, Dr. M did not get the memo because she launched into me about how the Practice is too small and that they don't have adequate quarantine facilities and if I wanted to get into a viral quarantine, well that would REALLy start to cost big bucks. That she couldn't completely decontaminate herself so it put the other patients at risk and if this was her Practice she would have not allowed these cats to be boarded at all. Then she told me about North Shore Animal League washing their hands of an adoption they did a few days before and that the puppy that was adopted was near death...then here's Vixen's adopters whose cat could also die from a high fever and how would I feel if my adopters had to face the DEATH of their cat just after adopting it? Hey...they KNEW the risks. I was very clear that Vix had been exposed to a nasty URI. That she got sick was bad, terrible, awful, rotten, BUT...why am I getting ripped on about this?

I seriously felt like I needed to just take the cats home. I started to imagine seeing Bob Dole and Spencer, dead. Neither of them could handle getting this f-ing virus-espeically Bob. I started to imagine that this rescue may be the worst thing I have ever done-with the best intentions I have ever had.

We've had many good runs. Many good transports with very happy outcomes. Now we are having a big problem and I'm basically on my own. I am very thankful I didn't get 12 cats instead of 9. I really would have been in trouble if that was the case.

I did my best to explain that we've learned that we cannot spay or neuter the cats before they leave GA. It's too much stress on them to do that, then transport them. Her reply was “Ya, THINK??!!!” a way, almost mocking, and certainly belittling me. I felt like I was an inch tall.

I left the exam room while Rudy and Comet were set up in their new home. I heard Julia's voice as I turned the corner. She saw me and I gave her a weak smile. I sat next to her and was ready to get laid into, but she was very nice. She wanted to know if Vixen's fever was like the others. She wanted me to help her feel better about all this. I didn't want to say that Vixen could die, so I didn't. I did tell her that the other cats had high fevers that broke within 24 hours-which was true. She was scared to take Vix back home since she still had the high fever and I told her she could call me any time, day or night and that I would help with the cat. It's the least I can do. No adopter should have the first days with their new cat be mired in fear and have to cough up a HUGE Vet bill on top of that, but she was graceful about it and understanding. It was a big kindness to me after such a bad day.

Just as I pulled into my driveway, our Director call to see how I was doing. I got choked up, but didn't cry. She was really kind to me about all that's going on. She has been there-and lost many kittens over the years. We had a good talk and we decided we need to shut this down for now. Instead of moving ahead to get Cupid and her kittens spayed or neutered, we are going to cancel all Vet appointments for the next two weeks. That will give them time to fight off this URI. If they are symptom free, we will go back to getting them vetted, then put them up for adoption. We fear any stress will be bad for them. I can't even move Mama and the babies out of here to get away from Rudy and Comet when they arrive on Thursday. The move could make them sick.

So I'm stuck. I've got more foster cats than I bargained for and they'll be here for far longer than I hoped. I may lose the adopters I have lined up, but so be it. I honestly don't mind having the kittens here, but I'm fearful of what's to come. Will Rudy and Comet be the tipping point to send a wave of illness through my own cats? Will they survive it? Will the kittens get seriously ill? Will they live through this?

Then there's Christmas. I didn't send out a card—first time in a gillion years. I didn't wrap a gift-I hardly even bought any. I only got Sam two little presents and I feel awful about it, even though he tells me not to worry!!! I have the house decorated, at least, but the place is a mess. I'm trying to just take a deep breath, but I so want to have a good Christmas, for once, but at this point, I'd be thrilled with a Christmas where my cats don't get sick and a New Year that brings new homes to my fosters.

Will I do this again? Will I rescue more cats?

What do you think?

Foster Cat Journal: Digging Out


Nora, our own cat, has broken with an upper resp. infection. She's uncomfortable and on antibiotics. Just what she needed after having to face that awful dental procedure last week!

Cheech: Is doing well. Eating, playing, enjoying life at our Director's home.

Rudy: temp is down. Not dehydrated. NOT liking to be medicated a gillion times a day. Improving, slowly.

Comet: temp. is also down. Vet wants to keep her this weekend. Her eyes are badly infected and they want to observe her and continue medicating her. SHe will probably be released on Monday.

Dasher: doing great! Sneezing a lot, but otherwise bouncy and awesome. We love him to pieces.

Cupid: Not sure what is going on with her. Her appetite is not great. Not sure if she doesn't like the food-and I've tried quite a few, or if she is flirting with mastitis or something. She is a beautiful cat, but so very thin. She won't eat the grain free dry food, either. She just likes total crap dry food treats. No surprise there.

Cupid's kittens: a bit sneezy, some eye “boogies” but that's about it. They're getting used to me now and when I enter the room, they look up at me with surprise, then run over to say Hi. A few of them are enjoying being petted and even purr a bit. They are so beautiful it hurts my heart.

Vixen, as you may recall...IS ADOPTED already!

Speaking of which, Comet, Rudy and Dasher all have adoptions “pending,” so if we can just get them HEALTHY, they can go to their new homes. Hopefully within 1-2 weeks they will be home. This has completely messed up my plans for these guys, but so be it. I'm glad I didn't end up taking in 12 cats. This is complicated enough-trying to figure out who will take what sick cat and who will take this or that one to the vet-ugh.

Of course, there's room for more, so I did just inquire about a tiny tux who was thrown out of a car in NY on a highway. He is not in great shape. If he needs our help, we are ready to go. He may be the last rescue of the year. We'll see.

We got about 8" of snow. Once the driveway is plowed out, we're free to go. The storm wasn't as bad as they were saying, but I know other folks got dumped on. We must have lucked out. It looks pretty and just in time to give us a Christmasy mood. Now if I could just get my shopping finished, decorate the tree and design a Christmas card, I'd be all set.

Or, I could go back to bed!

Foster Cat Journal: Ahhh..the Rollercoaster of Fostering

I got Rudolph, Comet and Dasher to the Vet this morning. I was both grateful to get an early appointment and even more relived that Rudy made it through the night. For a little guy, he is very sick.

rudy on me.jpg

I managed to get a crappy photo of him as he curled up on my chest. He's very affectionate even though he can barely breathe.

The Vet Tech took everyone's temp (except MINE of course). Rudy was at 103.8°F, Comet was at 104.2°F and Dasher was normal at 102°F.

The general consensus was that it would be pretty tough for these cats to get so sick in the 36 hours it took to get them to CT. They left GA in good health and somewhere along the line they became very ill. Comet had to be hospitalized. She hasn't eaten much, is depressed and very very thin for her size. At 8 months of age she is just 3 pounds. She was dehydrated and uncomfortable. I'm glad they kept her. I'm worried about her and I'd be more afraid she'd end up crashing here!

Little Rudy ate for us, so he was sent home with a bag full of meds. Two eye drops, antibiotics, a probiotic and nasal drops. He is “this” close to being hospitalized, himself. He only weighs 1.11 lbs. Our Director took him for a few days to help me out. I have no space to quarantine another cat. My hope WAS that I'd be getting the cats adopted out quick and I'd have time and space for any foster cats that are here. That will not be the case now.

That said. One cat was spared being sick-so far. Vixen.


To describe her as a knockout does her a disservice. This cat is stunning and very very affectionate. To imagine that even a cat as fine as she, had faced death due to an overcrowded shelter is beyond my comprehension. From the get-go, this girl was all over me, purring and wanting to be held.

Vixen and Dasher.jpg

She made quick friends with Dasher, too. I just loved her!

Yes, she's adopted. Of course-though I wish she could have stayed longer. She went to an awesome home and these folks will be taking her to visit MY Vet, the wonderful, Dr. Larry! Hopefully, I'll get to hear how she's doing since we're all in “the family,” so to speak.

Although it's been a trying day and things are not going to be going very smoothly, that's for sure-I got to see this today:

The Babies.jpg

And this...

Dancer Loaf.jpg

And this...


Oh yeah, and...


I think I have the most beautiful kittens in the world and I'm NOT going to let ANYONE adopt them!!!! MINE! MINE! MINE!

Anyway, they're too young to be adopted, so they're here at least another two months..I mean years...I mean weeks!

I got a lot to do...a ton of paperwork, gotta get to the store since now we're supposed to get blasted with a nasty snow storm tomorrow. What happened to the Christmas card I was going to design? All the gifts I was going to buy? I haven't even decorated the damn tree yet! I'm really glad I just got two huge shipments of cat food today, so at least they cats will be fed no matter what. They're saying 8-15" of snow starting tomorrow!!! So much for last minute...Holiday? anything?


Foster Cat Journal: Santa's Team Arrives & So Does the Panic

I got in the car, my stomach started to CHURN. I thought it was just because I was psyched to finally pick up the GA rescue kitties, but then I realized...oh poisoning!!!

We made it to a nearby gas station where I had a really QUICK visit to the bathroom. I could barely “contain myself”-literally. Great. That fine lunch Sam and I had at Swanky Franks gave me the trots. How am I gonna get to Brewster to pick the cats up? It's a 40 minute drive?

I guess it's a blessing that I have a tender tummy most of the time, so I carry Immodium on me. Good thing. Sam was sick, too. We both sat in the parking lot at the Mobil station swilling bubbly water and stuffing tiny green pills into our mouth. Nice way to start a heartwarming story about cat rescue, right?

Plugged up and guts rumbling, Sam punched the throttle and off we went. In the blink of an eye we were at the parking lot of Home Depot and there sat the transport van. My heart was racing, thankfully, nothing else in my body was making an waves. I smiled over to Dick, the driver, and we jumped out of our vehicles to say hello. There were a few dogs running around on the grass enjoying freezing to death! Geez, it was COLD!

Dick ushered me into the van an apologized for it being messy. It was like being inside someone's closet-someone who has lots of puppies in cages in their closet. There was a great deal of barking and rustling around. Dick's wife Diane, loaded up the crates and handed them out to me one by one.

First, was Mama-Cupid and her 4 kittens. I took a quick peek at them and was floored. WOW they are PRETTY KITTIES!

I raced over to the car and loaded them inside. Sam had the heat blasting-good thing. I got the next carrier-SNEEZING hit me in the face. Comet was SICK. SHIT!

Next was Rudy and Dasher-who I had never even seen! He is a cutie with white and tabby and something weird markings. I gotta get a photo of it. Then lastly, was Vixen. I didn't get a look at her, other than saw her gray furred paw reach out to tap me “hello” as I put her crate into the car.

The entire drive home was mostly silent save for one kitten meowing occasionally. Once we got home, I knew it would be crazy-time, but I was ready.

What I was not ready was to see the condition of Comet and Rudy-they are VERY SICK. Rudy can barely breathe. Comet has a nasty eye infection. This could not have popped up during the 24 hr transport, could it? No way. A sniffle-sure, but a full blown take-me-to-the-ER URI? No.

comet sick.jpg

I'm not a happy camper right now. I wanted to enjoy tonight and watch the cats explore life OUTSIDE a cage and good food-they were ALL starving and drank a TON of water!!! What gives??? They should have had access to BOTH on the transport. Now I am hoping that Rudy makes it through the night and that MY cats don't get sick, too.

In the morning I will get Rudy, Dasher and Comet to the Vet. My Director offered to take the sick cats from me, bless her heart. I could really hug her right now. I just do not have the space to split up the 4 singleton kittens so that the sole not-sick one, Vixen stays not sick.

Well..we will deal and move one. Hopefully everyone will be all right soon. I'm going to sneak up and visit with Cupid and her babies who are so pretty, pouffy and cute that I may have to break my vow of not adopting foster kittens!


Here's Cupid. She's very laid back and sweet.


This is all I could get of 3 of the 4 kittens. They are all beauties and were having fun literally hoping and skipping around the room!

I knew it would be Crazy Town be it. Welcome aboard!

Not on My Watch: The Calm Before the “ACK!”

I didn't set the alarm last night so I could sleep in this morning. I got up at 7 AM, too wired to sleep any further. The sun was already peaking over the horizon, filling my bedroom with an orangey glow. I kept imagining what I still needed to do to get the foster room ready, as I felt my blood pressure begin to rise.

I tossed and turned for a few minutes. Petunia jumped on the bed to get some pets before Spencer shoved her out of the way. I decided I'd better get up and get moving and headed to the laundry room, with one eye open and the other, closed. Maybe I could be half asleep and still get my work done?

I ran a “sanitize” setting load of laundry last night. All the bedding in the foster room got boiled and I threw away the litter pans-just in case something is brewing in that room. I bleached wiped everything I could, sprayed down the soft stuff with flea spray, scrubbed the floor. All I need to do is run to the store and get new litter pans and I'm all set.

There's only one problem.

I haven't heard from the transporter. I do NOT KNOW WHEN, WHERE, IF he is bringing Santa's Team! He is a trusted person, but I called him as he asked at 8pm last night and got his voice mail. I told him to call whenever he wanted to and heard nothing back. I only know he was supposed to leave yesterday and other than that, I don't know a thing!

So now I get to spend the day wondering when the phone will ring. Will he give me 15 minutes warning? Will I have to meet him 50 miles from here? I'm not loving this! I'd like to plan out my day instead of run around like a maniac, then find out later he won't be here until tomorrow or such!

Okay. I had my rant. I would like to have time to visit Cheech today, too and I have adoption applications to sort through. Two of Santa's Team already have interest! Yay! I may even get one adopted less than a day after she arrives. We will see...

In the meantime, I better get crackin'. If I don't post much starting today, forgive me. I'll be Covered in Cats for the next few days (will try to get pix of the arrival posted, though...whenever the heck that will be!)

Not on My Watch: Ready to Rock!

Thank You to Everyone who donated to help get “Santa's Team” to Connecticut!

As promised, I have matched your funds with my own, so we've closed the ChipIn widget and I made my donation via PayPal to save the 3% in fees. We're all set! Now I just have to wait until THURSDAY, the date the kitties arrive, for the fun to begin!

Mark your calendars and stay tuned! Lots of stories await-and photos, too!

funded copy.jpg

Not on My Watch: My Christmas Wish

These are my babies-the cats and kittens I've “busted out” of Henry County in McDonough, GA-home to 90% euthanasia rates. These cats are on their way to having their first Christmas out of a cage, no longer facing certain death.

I've got transport lined up. The cats are in a boarding facility, in two week quarantine until they can be cleared to leave for Connecticut. The last piece of this phase of their rescue is to raise funds to cover their needs until they arrive. Some will be spayed or neutered. All will get their combo tests, first FVRCP shot, de-wormed and de-flea'd. Their boarding is $5/day; some are boarded for more than 2 weeks due to transport run timing. The costs are listed below.

I realize that asking to raise $925 is asking alot-which is why...


This rescue is my Christmas gift to myself. I can't think of a better gift then knowing my home will be filled with foster kitties on Christmas! I can afford to pay for half of this fundraiser. Can you PLEASE help me get the rest of the way there? We need to get the funds raised in a week!!! That's all the time I have left.

Christmas_Fundraiser.jpg to see this at full size, just click the image!

THANK YOU for your help. I know these babies would not stand a chance at life, let alone a Happy Holiday without ALL of OUR EFFORTS! We've had a GREAT YEAR together! I'm SO PROUD of ALL OF YOU for doing SO MUCH to help cats in need! Let's end the year with JOY, knowing that although we can't save them all (yet!), we can save some. Thank you for being part of my Team and sharing my passion.

thank you HH.jpg

Thank you to Barb Lowe & Susan Birnbaum at Winging Cat Rescue for making this rescue possible!

Not on My Watch: One, Two, Three: BUST!

Seven Vet trips in six days, barfing, mooshy poop, stench, worms shooting out of one kitten's butt-yeah, I'm ready for MORE, baby! Bring it!

Now that the Crazy Kitten Clan is almost done being spayed or neutered and we're getting applications in on some of the kittens, I started to feel a bit “itchy.” Who was I going to take in next?

There are a few kittens in the periphery and a cat, but with some juggling, hopefully it will work out if I decide to, umm, err...rescue a few more cats? Come on! I need my FIX!

Why go shopping out of a drab Holiday guide when you can save a life out of a “cat-”a-log. Sorry for the PUN! What a thrill, in a way of course (I can't save many or all), but a thrill to just take in a deep breath and say; “YES! Pull those guys out of that shelter. I have NO idea if I will find them homes or find out they are sick or have behavior problems. I just NEED to do this and it seems to get a bit easier every time I do it.

This MORNING I got an email from Betsy at Henry County-YES, the same place that euthanized three sweet kittens I was about to rescue. Who would it serve if I just cut them off and never helped them again?

Then I saw this:



...and read this: Mommy is just as loving and sweet as she can be and will have little chance to get out once the kits are pulled from her. The babies are weaning now and are ready to go to the kitten room.

She has 4 beautiful babies, the family is in an isolated area for nursing moms and everyone is healthy.

This family needs to be rescued from the shelter THIS WEEK. Friday December 4th they will be split up and mom most likely will not make it out once she goes the adoption room. IF the room is full she might be euthanized since she is past her ready date.


Mama. I am not gonna let you down!

I contacted my lifeline to GA Shelters, Barb Lowe and Winging Cat Rescue and asked her if she could help me. Barb is ALWAYS busy pulling cats from shelters and always has a lot on her plate. Did Barb put me off? HELL NO! Barb made a call. A few minutes later...

Creamy Goodness Busted out copy.jpg


Everyone is SAFE and OUT OF HENRY COUNTY! Mama had her combo test. Negative/Negative: the words we love to hear!

Next up...FUNDRAISING to get their Vet bill paid and transport to Connecticut! Get your wallet 'cause I'm gonna be asking you to pull a few bucks out it!

Hey! I'm doing the hard work and taking the risk. I just want your CASH!

Will let you know when fundraising ChipIn Widget goes live!


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