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Foster Cat Journal: Digging Out


Nora, our own cat, has broken with an upper resp. infection. She's uncomfortable and on antibiotics. Just what she needed after having to face that awful dental procedure last week!

Cheech: Is doing well. Eating, playing, enjoying life at our Director's home.

Rudy: temp is down. Not dehydrated. NOT liking to be medicated a gillion times a day. Improving, slowly.

Comet: temp. is also down. Vet wants to keep her this weekend. Her eyes are badly infected and they want to observe her and continue medicating her. SHe will probably be released on Monday.

Dasher: doing great! Sneezing a lot, but otherwise bouncy and awesome. We love him to pieces.

Cupid: Not sure what is going on with her. Her appetite is not great. Not sure if she doesn't like the food-and I've tried quite a few, or if she is flirting with mastitis or something. She is a beautiful cat, but so very thin. She won't eat the grain free dry food, either. She just likes total crap dry food treats. No surprise there.

Cupid's kittens: a bit sneezy, some eye “boogies” but that's about it. They're getting used to me now and when I enter the room, they look up at me with surprise, then run over to say Hi. A few of them are enjoying being petted and even purr a bit. They are so beautiful it hurts my heart.

Vixen, as you may recall...IS ADOPTED already!

Speaking of which, Comet, Rudy and Dasher all have adoptions “pending,” so if we can just get them HEALTHY, they can go to their new homes. Hopefully within 1-2 weeks they will be home. This has completely messed up my plans for these guys, but so be it. I'm glad I didn't end up taking in 12 cats. This is complicated enough-trying to figure out who will take what sick cat and who will take this or that one to the vet-ugh.

Of course, there's room for more, so I did just inquire about a tiny tux who was thrown out of a car in NY on a highway. He is not in great shape. If he needs our help, we are ready to go. He may be the last rescue of the year. We'll see.

We got about 8" of snow. Once the driveway is plowed out, we're free to go. The storm wasn't as bad as they were saying, but I know other folks got dumped on. We must have lucked out. It looks pretty and just in time to give us a Christmasy mood. Now if I could just get my shopping finished, decorate the tree and design a Christmas card, I'd be all set.

Or, I could go back to bed!


How could someone throw a baby out onto a road from a car? So evil. I hope you can save him. All four of our kitties are tuxies (& rescues, of course) and they are the sweetest creatures I know. Please let us know if you can help him.

I agree with you Purpie. Hoping for the kitten's continued improvement and that they loce their new homes, and poor Nora, I hope she feels her usual self by Christmas!

We're glad to hear that everyone is improving and we're sending purrs for them to healthy soon!

Meowy Christmouse to all,

Charlemagne and Tamar

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