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You're Fired. Revoke the Vet License of Kristen Lindsey.

Kristen Lindsey did something most of us would consider a disgrace to humankind. “For fun” she went hunting with a bow and arrow shooting what she claims was a “feral” cat in the back of the head, killing it. If she hadn’t been so completely arrogant, maybe she would have thought twice about bragging about it; but what makes her actions despicable was that she not only bragged about it, she posted a photo (that I will NOT share here EVER) on Facebook of her holding her arrow while the cat’s body dangled from it.

On her Facebook page Lindsey wrote: “My first bow kill. LOL. The only good feral tomcat is one with an arrow through it’s head! Vet of the Year award…gladly accepted.”

What makes my blood boil is this woman is a small animal VETERINARIAN.

What makes me want to say things that would probably get me arrested is that she didn’t do a thing when she found out the cat was named Tiger and WAS a FAMILY PET who had gone missing. She claimed she was helping rid the world of another feral cat when she probably did nothing to find out if she was in the right to take its’ life. In my opinion, even though it’s disgusting to know that in Texas feral cats can be shot, this is no way to handle feral cats ESPECIALLY because it’s often very difficult to be certain it’s feral in the first place (unless it’s been TNR’d and has an ear tip).

This entire situation is shameful and now what makes it even worse is that this b____h didn’t pay a fine, get arrested or lose her license. She lost her job but I’ve heard has since found a new one out of state. I don’t know who would hire her after what she’s done. Clearly they don’t have newspapers or the internet where she’s run off to hide.

There was a rally in Texas yesterday to protest what Lindsey did and some groups asked for more humane education. While humane education is important for CHILDREN, this was an ADULT who treated CATS in her practice. If she didn’t have the compassion and kind-heart to want to save the life of a “feral” cat, then what would humane education change for her? What sort of sick, twisted, narcissist has been handling animals while her clients had no idea of what a sadist she was.

As someone who runs a cat rescue and has had cats for most of my life, I have to work with vets constantly. If I discovered that one of my Vets did such a heinous act, I would fire them immediately. I hope I’d be able to tell they didn’t have a beating heart far before then, but if I missed something then they’d be fired.

What I want is for this…and I want to use very bad language here…nightmare posing like a human being to LOSE HER VETERINARY LICENSE.

Maybe she should work in a meat packing plant where she can shoot cows in the back of the head 8 hours a day, then post photos of herself showing off her “good work.” Clearly this person does not deserve her license and should seek another one way to make a living. I don’t want to live in a country that turns their head the other way when something horrible is done to a housecat who was a beloved family member. She should be charged with murder.

While her act may not have been seen as a breach of any laws in Texas, she clearly broke what is a common-sense ethical and moral code: her job is to save lives and humanely end lives of companion animals under strict protocols THAT DO NOT INCLUDE SHOOTING THEM WITH ARROWS ...and humane euthanasia is done only when no other options to preserve life remain.

The Texas Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners oversaw the details of this case. Write to them and insist they revoke Lindsey’s license NOW. Tiger deserves justice.

Contact the AVMA and tell them (nicely) that you're disgusted and you want them to consider revoking Lindsey's license as well. You can read their statement about this situation. It's not an easy-read but they do mention appropriate handling of feral and free-roaming cats and it does not say that shooting them with an arrow is okay.

There are many Facebook pages popping up that support justice for Tiger but I can’t determine which one/s are legit. Doing a search for “Justice for Tiger“ will help you decide. Bottom line-we can make anything happen if enough people write to the TBVME and complain. We CAN DO THIS.

©2015 Remembering Tiger. Tiger

And to Tiger's family: I'm so very sorry for your loss. Clearly Tiger was an adorable orange and white tabby who loved life until his tragic end. May you find comfort in knowing the firestorm his death has created. I hope you will get the justice your family deserves and that Lindsey will lose her license. She should not be allowed to be near anyone's cat or dog and I hope one day that will happen.

Fly Free, Tiger.


No responsible caring veterinarian should ever act this irresponsibly.  This family pet was killed for no reason.  The suffering of all involved is heinous.  She has shown no remorse.  I would NEVER take my beloved pet to this woman for any kind of treatment.  Please revoke her license to practice veterinary medicine.  She has no place in this field of work 

I just left this comment on the AVMA website, and I will be writing a letter to the Texas board as well.

I am writing about veterinarian Kristen Lindsay, who killed a lost housecat with a bow, then had the audacity to post a picture of herself on Facebook holding up the bow with the cat dangling from it and her disgusting comment on that post.  She is not a person that I would entrust for the care of one of my pets, whom I love dearly.  It does not matter that she thought that the cat was feral, he first instinct should have been to help him, not to kill him.  In my opinion, she should not be allowed to make her living by caring for animals if she has no better heart, attitude, or compassion that what she so publicly displayed.

I can't believe this monster has not received punishment of any sort.  I was horrified by this story and it will continue to disturb me for all of my days.  I fear there may be others like this who are allowed to roam among us.  I hope someone finds her and deals with her the same way.  

She needs to lose her license, and spend time in jail!

Revoke Kristen Lindsey's license to practice veterinarian care.   Also, someone may want to consider psych evaluations before allowing clearly mentally disturbed individuals to provide medical care to family pets.  

Though Texas is clearly not in the forefront of humane policy when it comes to protecting cats, it IS still illegal in that State, as it is in the 49 others, to wilfully harm ANY cat.  IMHO, ALL cats are sentient beings deserving of protection and respect, and I love every one of them, so it makes me absolutely furious that anyone would harm any cat.  And anyone who has studied to become a veterinarian takes an oath to PROTECT the lives of those (s)he may treat, do they not?  This case has infuriated me since I heard about it, and I have been active in trying to get the (expletive deleted) who murdered a cat prosecuted, fined, imprisoned, and its license revoked (I use the term "it" because to me, IT is not a human being).  Hoping and praying all readers of your blog will join in this effort to reverse a travesty of justice in as many ways as it is possible to do under current policy.

This woman should never practice vet medicine again, EVER!

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