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You Didn't Even Buy Me Dinner First

Wow. Bob is a new cat!

Was the dental surgery, which included removing two of his few teeth, the reason for his almost joyful expression when I saw him this morning? Or was it the fact that his anal glands had been emptied of "Thick, Pasty, Yuck...a double-glover for sure;" according to Super Deb, who either watched Dr. Larry do the deed, or was stuck having to do it herself.

What I don't understand is that of the three cats who've "been expressed," only ONE of them showed any symptoms of needed anything done. This bothers me. How am I to know if they're feeling uncomfortable, walking around with big, fat, gooey glands? I read that high fiber diets help clean them out, but that would only be due to making heavy duty turds that would push against the glands and clean them out as the poop passes.

Once again I will say, CATS ARE OBLIGATE CARNIVORES so FIBER is OUT. I guess I'm going to have to invest in rubber gloves or get used to paying an extra $28 for every wellness visit at the Vet.

Back at Home.jpg
Bob's got that "I just got my glands emptied, faraway look."

So, where was I? Oh yes, Bob's glands. They're empty. He's happy. I swear he was smiling, but that may be due to the fact that I was about to feed him. He had a brightness in his eyes, almost a sparkle. For such an old fella, it's remarkable to see. Regardless of what's making him look so un-Bob-like, it's worth it.

And no, I have NO plans of doing "home anal gland expression." I draw the line at washing their asses when they have "chocolate chips" (my term for bits of shit) stuck to their behind.

If you're nuts and want to know more about anal glands, check this nifty, rather obvious link: Anal Glands, The Movie It needs a 3D animation and some whoooshing sound effects, but you'll get the idea, anyway.

And if that didn't satisfy your hunger, you can read this article which has a sneaky plug for a product that's supposed to help clean out the not-Fun-bags. Not sure I believe it works or is necessary, but the rest is helpful. More Anal Gland Fun


...By a PROFESSIONAL and please don't do this at home and if you do, don't tell me, especially if I'm ever invited over to eat dinner.


I've had a couple of occasions where the cats "ahem" express themselves! It usually involves great joy, but let me explain. On one occasion, I was cutting out a dress, and we all know how much cats like to sew. One of my cats was on the cutting table, and with great joyous gusto was squeezing himself into a shoe box, which I had provided as a diversion so that I could get the dress done. He managed to hang his but over the edge of the box just right...Well, luckily the dress was washable :-) Can't remember when the other time was, but I know it involved great joy, again squeezing one's butt somewhere...just right.

OMG. I'm terrified now!!!!!! Maybe I've missed something! Maybe that's why they like to sit is small, confined containers? Self-expressing!!!! LOL!!!!!! Oh your poor dress! Of course that's when it happens!

Thank you for sharing...cough, cough, cough.

dude - that is SO a cat who just had his glands expressed! The happy Stoner kitty! :)

THanks for the reminder - Juno and Quincy will do teh boot scoot on occasion - no smell, but the scootin'... Le Sigh.

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