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The Winds of Change-Part 4 of 4

The Cutest Kittens in the World

Charly and Buttons b.jpg
©2012 Robin A.F. Olson. Charly & Buttons.

Charly and Buttons are still here giving me a reason to smile. They are such darling creatures. I love spending time with them.

It looks like one of them will be getting adopted. I don’t want to jinx it by saying more, but I promise to update you when the time comes. Until then, I’ll greedily hold onto them and try to enjoy every second.

Washing Feet with Buttons 1200.jpg
©2012 Robin A.F. Olson. Clean those dirty toes!

Since writing this a few days ago, a few things have happened. Charly's been adopted by a wonderful couple from Boston! (Read his new mom's blog to keep up with Charly's adventures) Though I miss Charly a lot I know he's got a great home. Buttons is keeping me company and to help him, I asked foster-mama-Donna to let me take Bandit, Button's sister. That way Buttons wouldn't have to be alone.

The problem-Bandit is NOT happy to be here at all! Oops.

About the title: The Winds of Change

There’s a huge hurricane headed our way. They’re calling it Frankenstorm or simply, Hurricane Sandy. I’m having terrible flashbacks of a year ago when we were hit by “Snowmaggedon”—the worst week of my life without electricity or friendship (Sam and I had had a bad fight and spent the week ignoring each other…I broke off our engagement and gave back the ring.) With no heat, frigid temperatures, no water, no nothing I thought I was going to lose my mind. You can read the multi-part series HERE HERE and HERE and see a visual journal of my week from Hell.

Charly pounced upon.jpg
©2012 Robin A.F. Olson. Taking five from wrestling.

A year later, the same things seem to be happening again, as if on schedule. Because I know he reads this blog, I’m not going to say much other than a simple moment of irritation on my part turned into a full blown war on his. Sam has declared he is leaving me, we are done. It’s day five when we should be planning on getting through this next storm, but we can’t even recover from the one between us.

There’s a cascading effect once these cruel winds blow. There’s the obvious sign of bags and boxes being packed, but beyond that there’s a joint business being run that saves the life of cats. There are design projects that might have been worked on hand in hand and will now be done by other firms. There is a loss of livelihood and most likely a loss of my own home.

The boys with game for cats copy.jpg
©2012 Robin A.F. Olson. Game for Cats is a hit with these two.

Almost twenty years have ticked past. There have been plenty of storms along the way. The winds always bring us back together and we find a way to rebuild. With all the stress in our lives I can’t see where the resources are to find a place where things are okay again. I’m so beat down by everything else it’s just one more thing. It makes me sad to write that because it should mean so much more, but my bank account is almost empty and so is my heart.

That’s why I haven’t been able to write much this week. It’s hard to write when you’re looking out the window and know something horrible is coming your way. As if in a bad dream you can’t lift your legs and run, run, run. You have to stay there and wait and let the wild winds crash the tree limbs around you, let the rain wash over you, while you pray you don’t drown.


Not much to say but that I will be lifting you up in prayers ... was already praying for you & the kitties to make it safely through the storm.

What a heart breaking blog.  You are in my prayers, Robin.  I wish I had the resources to rescue you and the babies.  Please keep us posted as much as you can as to how you are.  I read an article last night that said as we grow older we are more resilient because we know the bad times do not last. Hold on to that lifeline as you struggle through the coming days. --Ardie

Oh Robin, I'm so sorry you are facing this.. 


you are a very strong woman, you can get through this and come out OK.  It might not be be the OK you think it should be or even want it to be, but I know you can find peace again.. 

Dear Robyn 

I dont know what exactly is the relationship problems between sam and you. Is the love still there, do uou think it is mainly your fault? Perhaps economically you will be better as two, but it is harming to you if the relationship is not healthy anymore meaning theres no support, you guys quarrel all the time.

It will be tough, but dont laugh, what doesnt kill you makes you stronger. I find this is so true, and had just gone through a harrowing two weeks and its not over. When somthing ends, it may not be a bad thing. Don't hold onto it just because of economics. You may find it is really better to let go, provided you are willing to. If it is your fault, read you said you had some minor irritations, sorry and kind words can soothes the soul. It is hard doing rescues men or women alike. 

Goodluck, and take care. 





Very happy for little Charly and his new family.  Wishing them a wonderful life together.  Glad that you still have Buttons with you, and hoping Bandit will acclimatize.  

So sad to read your other news, and reflecting that these days, in so many lives, it seems to be not a single crisis at a time, but multiple ones, and how insurmountable they seem when combined.  I have been through similar trauma several years ago, and though of course it is easy to offer sage advice from the plateau of the present, I would offer this:  deal with your present crisis, which is absolutely Sandy, until you can safely put that behind you.  Whatever form it takes, it's going to require all of your attention for several days at least.  Then, as far as your personal life goes, I know it sounds like a tired cliche, but have you gone to counselling, and if not, can you request it before any plans are actualized?  IMHO it should be required before any relationship changes, for everyone contemplating them, for all of the reasons you named, and then some.  

If not possible, you will deal with each issue as you are able, in due time.  I thought seriously that I would not survive my own multiple crises, but here I sit, five plus years on, stronger for it, with a clearer vision, and while I dearly miss so much about my former life, I know I have many blessings in this one as well.  And I paid for every one, dearly.  

I have no doubt you will get through this, Robin.  Tie a knot and hang on.  And don't forget the power of the Purr.  ;)

You just be business partners and leave the feelings aside and work together for the sake of saving lives?

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