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When You Save One, You Save Them All.

This family has been waiting two long weeks to be rescued from Henry County Care & Control in McDonough, GA. While it doesn't sound like a long wait, when a cat is in a Kill Shelter, every hour that ticks by is one hour less to live. As they wait, more families are brought in the door, hoping for a rescue, too. Some get lucky and leave alive, some leave in a black plastic bag.

AC 6.22.11 059.jpg
©2011 Betsy Merchant. Here's mama and the family waiting for a rescue.

Upon first glance, this family is no different than any other. Their time is almost up. Look closer and you'll see what sets them apart from others. One of the kittens, a little tabby, was born with a deformed leg. That automatically means, the entire family has less of a chance to reach safety because of the added cost to any rescue who would take this family into their program.

AC 6.22.11 084.jpg
©2011 Betsy Merchant. We're not sure if this little guy will need surgery, but we have to assume that will be the case.

While I believe that rescue should not be based on the costs involved, it's a constant factor.

AC 6.22.11 069.jpg
©2011 Betsy Merchant. What a cutie!

After many emails, a bit of pleading and a bit of compromise, I have worked it out with Jennifer, from the Humane Society of Forsyth County, to take the ENTIRE family if we can raise funds for the tabby should he need surgery. I'm glad there's a sponsorship of $275 already on the table, but this little guy will need more than that.

AC 6.22.11 081.jpg
©2011 Betsy Merchant. You can see the kitten isn't able to sit correctly. His leg splays outward.

The deal is-if we can raise $500.00, the family is SAFE. We need to do it FAST. What do you think? Can we do this? If we tell enough people about our fundraiser and we all donate a few dollars, I bet we can raise the money in no time. (at least that's my dream!)

AC 6.22.11 065.jpg
©2011 Betsy Merchant. Sweet sis wants to get out, too!

The ChipIn widget, below, is set to send the donations to MY Non-Profit Rescue Group, Kitten Associates, Inc. I'm doing this because Forsyth does not have a PayPal account I can link to. Once we hit our goal, I will immediately send the funds to Forsyth as a grant for this family. Your donation is tax deductible.

AC 6.22.11 067.jpg
©2011 Betsy Merchant. Be still my heart. I will move mountains for you.

It may be clichè, but it's true. It takes a village to make great things happen and together we can be part of giving this family a chance at having a future.

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©2011 Betsy Merchant. Please help this guy get OUT of HCC&C!

Thank you for your help and devotion to cats in need! You can use the share buttons at the bottom of the post to help spread the word!


Every little bit helps!

ChipIn looks mighty good!!
Happy dancing around here :)

It looks like enough money has been donated for the operation within just two days or so! This is awesome!

What's next now? Has the family been rescued already? Is the kitteh going to have his operation? Catanon is eager to know the state of events! Thank you!

The family will be busted out of the shelter and transported to Cumming, GA where Forsyth is located. The kittens will get their shots and exam and they will start trying to sort out what the tabby needs. We are already sourcing Vets who would offer a good rescue discount and once that's lined up, if the kitten needs surgery, it will be done. If the kitten doesn't need surgery, the family will still need the funds for vetting and Forsyth will use the funds to help another injured kitten, so it will stay with them to continue to help other cats in need.

Will you give us updates on what happens to the tabby? If he needs surgery? I can't tell from the pictures what is wrong with his leg.


I have already asked for updates a few times from a few folks so I will post all the news I get as soon as it comes in!

Saw someone post that the money was raised, so came to see. YAY!!!!

Yay! This is the first I've seen this story, and my heart was breaking, until I read that the funds had all come in!

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