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Wee Bit o' News

I'm feeing a bit under the weather today, so I'm gonna keep this short. Today I took Cupid & the kittens to the Vet for a re-check. I'll give you all the details, along with photos tomorrow, but there's one thing I'd like to tell you now:


This is what happens when you don't let kittens nurse on their poor, tired Mama! Cupid FEELS so much more like a “normal” cat now. Honestly, she was just skin and bones before. I'm so glad for her, but I HAVE to keep her separated from the kittens, which means usually she has to be locked in the dog crate while the kittens run around loose. It sucks, but it's for the best. As you know, I take Mama out to my bedroom for breaks so she can stretch out for awhile. I really like her. I just wish she'd want to snuggle with me, but so far she's content to sit a few feet away and hang out.

More tomorrow, with any luck...


yea, yea, yea!

One pound is golden!

Yay Cupid!! It's amazing what a pund can do for a kitty. Loved the water photos too. My cat does that too! :)

Good for you!

That is so wonderful that Cupid is doing better!

We hope that you are feeling better soon as well. With the kittens getting healthy it should be less stress on you so you can hopefuly get well quickly!

Excellent news. Hope the visit goes well and that you feel better soon.

and you get some rest!

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