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Update-a-Rama Part Two: CHESTER!

Chester Cheesetoes was adopted over a month ago and is now called, Boris. Boris lives with two other kitties and two doggies in a nice home with his loving mom and dad. They're very special people who are truly dedicated to keeping everyone full of good food and love. Boris, our gorgeous classic tabby continues to grow! He's up to TEN POUNDS already and he is only about nine months old. We knew he's be a big boy, but just how big will he get?

If you missed Chester's story, you can read this review of his long road to wellness and finding the perfect forever home HERE.

©2011 Kerstin. Hello Handsome!

Although currently suffering from a little cold, his mom, Kerstin is keeping a watchful eye on him. He's eating well and playing. Not much gets this boy down.

Boris&Nina sm.jpg
©2011 Kerstin. Boris and Nina.

Boris gets along GREAT with his animal buddies, but we're not surprised because he was an easy-going friendly cat when he lived here, too. Boris is one of those perfect cats-just a great personality and lovely to look at. We were really thrilled to place him with an equally wonderful family.

©2011 Kerstin. Boris enjoying the view out the window.

We miss Boris very much and his mother, Mazie is STILL here with us! Hopefully, we'll find her the perfect match one day, too. Until then we can look at her and be reminded of her son, one very special kitty who hit the jackpot on finding a great home.


What a wonderful window seat! Looks like a home fit for a Lion King! :)

Didnt Polly go with Chester?
He is gorgeous though :-)

They didn't want two kitties, so Chester went on his own but lives with 2 other kitties and 2 doggies. Polly is very happy with Mac. They are like two bugs in a rug. I have an update on them, coming up later this week!

I love happy endings!

I hope he found a great home. He look like a Sweet kitty !
and I love his window seat ! a kind of AWESOME !!!!
Hugs to him

I have a bag with the exact same print as that cat bed!

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