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Update: The Halloween Express-Remember Them?

Last October I pulled 4 kittens from Henry County Care & Control in McDonough, GA. They were going to be euthanized because they had a mild upper respiratory tract infection. We just couldn't let them die.

We nicknamed them, the Halloween Express. Our intrepid foster mama, Maria, took care of them for a few weeks, until they could leave for transport. At that time we also rescued a 10 year old cat named Rocco, who went to our sister shelter, Animals in Distress.

4 sillies in a row.jpg
©2010 Maria S. The boys, Candy Corn, Skittles, Trick & Treat (the only girl)

The kittens came to my home to be fostered until they found their forever home. What I could have have imagined was that ALL FOUR got adopted in A WEEK and not only that, they all went to the SAME HOME!

©2010 Robin A.F. Olson. The Halloween Express was only here for a week. I hardly had a chance to get to know them!

I was a bit concerned about four kittens going together. What if they were too much to handle? One had a flare up of the dreaded URI just as adoption day came, but the new family, Andy & Aimee, weren't bothered a bit. They took the best care of their boys and nursed them back to health instead of turning their backs on all the kittens.

I checked in with them a month or so later and last I heard they were all doing well.

HExpress TV.jpg
©2011 Andy Lewis. This is what a great forever home looks like. This is also why if you're going to adopt, adopt siblings!

I contacted them a few days ago regarding a little problem regarding some paperwork (my fault) and Andy got back to me with the most cheerful email and update on the gang:

The cats are AWESOME! They just got their first annual checkup and they are in perfect health. They are big and quite "curious" and as a result the house has taken a little beating but its worth it. No worries on the microchip numbers as you have a lot more important things to take care of like saving all those kittens :-) I hope you are doing well and your adoption is booming. We always talk about your rescue and try to get people to go to you. We also adopted a purebred yellow Lab puppy back in May named Barney. He is a handful to say the least! He is gorgeous and extremely friendly. All of them get along but sometimes Barney gets a little carried away so we have to stop him from chasing them. All in all we have been really fortunate to get such great animals.

©2011 Andy Lewis. Barney with his new feline friend.

Hours after receiving this email, I'm STILL smiling every time I look at the photos. The boys are HUGE!!!!! They look so happy. This is my ideal placement; a wonderful home where all the animals get along well and all are happy and healthy. I'm absolutely thrilled!

©2011 Andy Lewis. Neener-Neener! You're stuck in the crate!

The only thing bad about this family adopting four kittens is that I can't even THINK about suggesting they adopt a few more! If only I could clone these wonderful people. I need more families like this one!

Time to meet up with the transport. The four white Angel Babies are due here today! Maybe I can get them all adopted together, too? Hey, I can dream!


Wonderful Robin! Just great! So pleased to see the photos and read such good news. You and Maria must be soo proud!!!


(sorry, I'm not on facebook yet) try 4paws in virginia, near d.c., they are a great group

good luck and great story about these 4--wonderful!

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