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UPDATE: Connecticut Cats Left Behind After Owner Dies

Yesterday, I put out an urgent plea for help. Two adult cats were left behind when their Guardian took her life. The story touched me on many levels, but the biggest one is that I've lost two family members to suicide and I understand the impact very sincerely. What I could not have anticipated was the enormous number of people who came forward to offer to help these cats in whatever way they could; from offering donations, a foster home, a forever home as far away as Colorado! It's left me with a very full heart and the cats have a hopeful future. I clearly see-

There is nothing we cannot accomplish when we work together.

ann-marmalade rez.jpg
Marmadlade. Hopefully will be looking much happier in the coming days.

I am VERY PROUD of the local rescue community. Everyone jumped in and got the word out and everyone pulled strings to find a way to fit in two more cats into their rescue or shelter. Janine from Friends of Felines took the lead on this rescue and is coordinating everything. I'm making her nuts by sending her everyone's offers to help. ROAR in Ridgefield, CT will be taking Marmalade. Any inquiries to adopt should be sent to them AFTER Thursday, April, 26th.

ann-shadow rez.jpg
Shadow. I'm still waiting to hear the final plans, but there are many offers to help this kitty.

Details on where Shadow is going are not finalized yet, but there are a few offers from rescues to help and some rescues have great adopters who may be able to provide these kitties a home. Kitty Angels of Coventry stepped up with an offer to take one or both cats, but it's not confirmed just yet. It will take some time to sort out, but it looks like these cats are safe and it looks like there are a great number of people who are dedicated to making sure their remaining days are happy, safe and full of love; no more sadness and heartbreak for them.

GREAT JOB EVERYONE!!!! WE ALL MADE THIS HAPPEN! Let's save some more lives!


Hooray! I'm so delighted that the rescue community has given these sweet, traumatized kitties a chance at a new life.

One thing that's been hard for me when I've seen the announcements about the cats and their need for a new home is seeing so many people condemn suicide as a selfish act and take the cats' former caretaker to taks because she "should have made plans for her cats."

While it's true that all of us cat caretakers should make plans for our cats' care in the event of our death, it's hard for a lot of people to understand that when you're suicidally depressed, you're not able to make plans for your loved ones' care and that you honestly believe that your suicide is not a selfish gesture but that the world, and your family, really would be better off without you. I speak from experience, having gone through long episodes of suicidal depression myself. I wouldn't wish that feeling on my worst enemy. :-(

THANK YOU ,THANK YOU and THANK YOU to the person or persons who saved these babies!!!

Hope they can stay together. They've been thru so much, they need each other. 

Yes...THANK YOU to the wonderful people who've taken these kitties into their hearts and homes.

Many purrs and prayers for a successful forever transition!

xoxo  Katie & Glogirly


So happy to read there is hope for Marmalade and Shadow and that so many people cared enough to offer help. Please let us all know how things turn out for them won't you?

Please don't judge the brother too harshly - he is suffering terribly at the loss of his sister and is not in his normal state of mind.

First of all these precious kitties are beautiful (not that I've ever seen an ugly kitty).  I really hope you consider the importance of keeping these babies together.  They've already lost their human and cats don't like change so it would be less stressful if they had each other.

I would echo the general delight that these cats are now SAFE - YAY!!!  However, I too would wish if at all possible to see them kept together.  They've already lost their Mom and, even tho' one is now hissing at the other, it may only be because that is currently the only "purrson" on whom to take out its fear, anger and loss.  I too have been close to suicide on far too many occasions, I make no judgements.  I'm simply offering my 10 cents' worth that if possible, these cats should be kept together.  I look forward to hearing further news, and bless everyone who has stepped up so strongly to help these kitties.

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