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Twinkle-Twinkle's Unlucky Break

It's almost 2AM. I'm so tired I want to fall over, but I have to tell this story now. I don't have the luxury of time. Tonight Celeste's daughter, Twinkle-Twinkle broke her leg and with that it could mean the end of Kitten Associates.

Anyone who knows me knows I'm a responsible person. I always do my best to provide for our foster kittens no matter what it takes. I gave up my career to rescue cats and I gave up any easy kind of life. I don't have two nickels to rub together, but I'm not complaining. This is my life's work. All of my resources are gone. I have been really proud of what I've accomplished with Kitten Associates. We've always paid our bills in full and on time. We've always found a way to raise money when we really really needed it. People have always helped us and without all of you we would have sunk a long time ago.

Bright Twinkle 475
©2014 Robin A.F. Olson. Twinkle still wants to run around, get petted and was even purring when I left her tonight. She's on pain meds and they will be bandaging her leg to keep the damage from getting worse until the orthopedic vet can see her.

But we do not have the luxury of a nest egg to fall back on. We have enough to vet all our 28 foster cats. We have enough to feed everyone because we get food donations when we ask. With something like a serious surgery, we do NOT have funds to cover that. My hope was that if we could squeak through this month, that maybe we would be lucky enough to win a Pettie Award or that some of our friends would win or both. The $1000.00 per award would go a long way to helping us, but I can't count on that now. I don't even know WHEN they will announce the winners.

We are in DIRE STRAITS if we can't raise the money to repair Twinkle's leg. I HAVE to provide surgery for her. I will NOT amputate her leg to save a buck-not when she's a kitten and could regain function. I HATE HATE HATE asking for help, but I have no other choice. If I had the money, I'd pay the Vet out of my own pocket, but I have no resources of my own.

Xray 475
©2014 Robin A.F. Olson. Twinkle's "hock/ankle" has a sharp fracture. See the radiologist report for details and lots of big words I've never seen before.

The facts are:

I do not know how Twinkle broke her leg. I reviewed our Dropcam footage and what happened occurred on or near the washing machine. I have a clip saved where you can hear her screaming, then see me enter the room less then 30 seconds later. I'm not going to share the video. Hearing her scream is heartbreaking.

At first I didn't realize she was the one injured because her screaming caused her brothers Astro and Hubble to claw their way behind the washer and hide so well they had to practically be pried out of hiding. It was only after they were safe that we checked the other kittens. Twinkle looked up at us, tried to walk and fell over on her side. I knew this was not a sprain. I got her to the vet within 20 minutes fearing internal bleeding.

Her "hock"/ankle is broken and the ligaments that attach to it may be damaged or may be pinched under the broken shards. The Vet at the ER did NOT know how it is repaired. We have to wait until later this morning to speak with Dr Andrews, the orthopedic surgeon. He will have to do more x-rays (according to the radiologist report shown here) or possibly an ultrasound before he figures out how to repair this leg IF it can be repaired. Then we'll find out what the costs are.

Report full 475
Radiologist report. If anyone can translate this I would appreciate it.

As a non-profit, Kitten Associates will get a 20% discount but only after the bill is paid in full. We've paid $939.00 already just for tonight's exam and x-rays. I honestly have no idea what the surgery will cost. Maybe $4000? I don't know. All I know is I am terrified that we won't be able to pull this off. THEN WHAT HAPPENS? What happens to Laney & Winnie, their 7 kittens? Mia's kittens? All the other kittens?

Invoice full 475
Tonight's invoice. We paid $939.00 so far. That is 75% of the full amount. The rest will be due when we sort out the surgery/aftercare costs. THEN we get 20% off the total.

We need a miracle.

Please consider sharing your love for Twinkle. You donation IS tax deductible. My rescue, Kitten Associates, a 501c3 non-profit and our EIN is 27-3597692

If you do not want to make a donation using the PetCaring widget below, you can also make a donation via OUR web site at: Kitten Associates Just use the donation button on the right side of the page and it will go directly into our general fund.

You can also mail a check to Kitten Associates, P.O. Box 354, Newtown, CT 06470 and put a note on the check "For Twinkle".

You can also CALL Newtown Veterinary Services at 203-270-8387 to verify this need or to make a donation to Twinkle's care.

Thank you everyone for sticking with us and for believing in what we do. For all the love and good wishes and prayers. If you can't share your love with a donation, then just share this post socially. Maybe other cat-loving people will see it who can offer support, too. It all helps.


Keep my paws crossed that you will win The Petties and manege to raise the needed money for Twinkle !

I wish I could but I just filled the larder here for my kitties so am short until the first of the month. As for the xray interpretation:

1. Transverse fracture: is a break acrosss the bone of her heel(bony part of the hock) usually caused by stress or a direct blow (falling off washer and hitting wrong could def cause this) with the lateral displacement, lateral is basically side to side and displacement means out of place. The next sentence basically means the sharp edges are only contained by a small bit of skin si is just shy of an open fracture. With quite a bit of swelling in and around the fracture, and also in an area that is considered normal for her age.

2: Conclusion/finding: the obvious fracture, as well as possible tearing away (avulsion) of the the tendon that conects her heel bone(hock) to the thigh muscle (this is also called a tendon rupture if completely avulsed). 

Im not a Doc or a Vet, but I have been a Human nurse(med surge and geriatrics as well as Army) and have had alot oif orthopedic experience especially with reading radiology reports. I hope it helps and helps explain it a bit, am sure there are other readers that will be able to interpret this a bit better for Kitties as opposed to humans. My mom has also had kitties with these type of fracture repairs, they are fairly expensive but even with a middle aged adult kitty (he ran off a roof chasing a bird) recovery was easily accomplished and the kitty was back up chasing birds fairly quickly tho he never did go back up on the roof :-)

I think we've got you covered, Robin.  ;)

Regrettably unable to contribute but am sharing on social media with special message.  *PRAYERS* for this little lady! and for KA too. 

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