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The Tweetie Chronicles: Tweetie Grows Up

You must watch the latest video segment about our Tweetie! Okay, the focus is on his famous “dad” Sockington, but for any of you who've been reading my Blog, know that last year, before he became famous, Tweetie was my foster cat!

Click the "Tweetie Chronicles" graphic at the top of this page to read more about Tweetie's amazing rise to fame. In the meantime, this video really cracked me up. Watch for Tweetie at the end of the clip.

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Tweetie kicked some ass there, huh?

He's so grown up!!! :3

He looks fabulous!! He is the spitting image of Sockington....was there ever a DNA test :):):)??

Tweetie is so handsome. It is so fun to see all of the wrestling photos and videos.

omg - he's so big now!

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