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Tiny Celebucat Hopes to Find a Home

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Tweetie, got his start living life in the woods of Sandy Hook, CT. He and his mama, two sisters and a brother, all had to fend for themselves. They were all really skinny and had sickness in their bellies. One day a scary lady (who is really nice) trapped them and took them away. At least the Coyotes couldn't eat them any more.

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Little Tweetie was scared. He didn't like people, even if his brother and sisters did. He didn't know what would happen next.

Tweetie and his family went to live with another lady. She said she was their "foster mom" whatever that is. She gave them lots and lots of crappy tasting medicine, but now they feel better. She also gave them a lot of nom-noms! No more bellies with worms. Now bellies with warm food. Yummy!

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Tweetie loved playtime, too! He likes to run and hide with his toys. I guess he's not great with sharing, but he DOES love his family a lot. People, well they can pet him, but he's still not too happy about it. His Foster Mom is sad. If Tweetie doesn't like people then he will have to go back to living in the woods. His Mom doesn't want that to happen, even if she knows Tweetie might like it better. She thinks she can help Tweetie learn to love people, but she only has a few more days left to help Tweetie. Then time is up. Tweetie will have a caretaker who'll feed him if he wants it, but Tweetie will no longer know the comfortable life of an adopted kitty.

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One day (okay, today) Tweetie's Foster Mom noticed something. "OMG! You look like Sockington, the famous kitty known throughout the land! Are YOU Sockington's secret SON?!No sooner than his Foster Mom "tweeted" about Tweetie, the news broke and poor Tweetie was inundated by Pawpurrazzi!

No More Pawperazzi.jpg

"Oh no! You mean photographers stay away from me!

What is Tweetie, aka Sockington Jr. going to do? Is he going to find a family to adopt him who understands his plight? Or will this little fellow go back to his life of obscurity, living out his days in the wilds of the woods?

And what of his possible father, the great Sockington? When asked, his only comment was: "WHAT NO WE WERE JUST FRIENDS NOTHING WENT ON" even after seeing the photo of Tweetie, all he could say was:"UM WELL AHHH GOTTA GO"

UPDATE: Little Tweetie is available for adoption for Residents of Connecticut (and possibly near neighbor states, but you'd have to email to find out). You can fill out a Pre Adoption form for Tweetie, or any of his siblings, by visiting our web site. Please note that Tweetie is NOT a friendly kitten-yet. He will need LOTS of work with an understanding family with no small children, as he has been known to fear-bite. His siblings are all very friendly. Hopefully he just needs more time to come around than they did.


Oh my goodness! you DO look like socks!! I really hope you find a great home where you are king of your castle and do not want to live alone in the woods!

He looks just like Fredo, the quasi-tuxedo I adopted a few weeks ago - even down to the partial-smudge of white on one side of the bridge of the nose. Can't take him but boy oh boy, I'll be pulling for him (and praying for him) to find a forever family! :)

if i didnt already have a cat about to give birth i would take him..i hope he can find a good home...maybe socks could adopt him...might be good father son bonding time...

What part of the US are you in? Poor little guy! All 3 of mine were strays.

That cat is so darn cute! I seriously would love to adopt the precious fur ball! I have a 6 year old son with autism and his 7th birthday is coming up August 28, We sympathize with Tweetie for the simple fact that he needs understanding and we have asked the same of people with little avail.... Tweetie would be the perfect addition to our family and the most beloved gift for Mathew's birthday. Please consider us:) We also live in the country with lots of free area to have fun in. We live in New Hampshire thank you have a great day ! Sincerely, Joanne

OMG! Definitely a Sockington Jr.! XD

if only I could adopt him! :( I live kinda far...

it might be useful for potential adopters sent here by @sockington to know where you live. That is one cute kitten

I'll adopt this kitten!

Thank you everyone, for your interest in Tweetie. I appreciate knowing there are so many good hearted and kind people out there. It really makes all the work we do to get these guys a good home, worth all the effort.

I added an update to my posting about Tweetie, along with a link regarding adoption information. You can find it Here as well.

We're a small, but feisty rescue group and right now we have no adoptions and very little donations coming in. This is a first for us and it's been tough on our Directors and our Foster Families-even tougher on the kittens we can't save due to our limitations. With your help, we'll find all of our kittens good homes and make room to save more.

I want you all to know, too, that wherever Tweetie lands, even if it is back outdoors, he will be monitored and looked after. He'll even be seeing his Mom again, because she was released back to her woodland home, as well. Tweetie will be fed by his caregiver, too. It's the best for him if he ends up being too dangerous to place in a home. We would never want a child to be bitten or a kitten to be harmed because he bit. We have to weigh the options and hope to find a great solution for this adorable little kitten.

Little Tweetie - There are many, many people who can and will take the time you let you find out that people can be awesome - I am sure you will find someone soon!

I read your story and had to comment. For anyone considering adopting Tweetie or another special needs cat - please know that they can come around.

I co-habitate with three kitties. My last one adopted me about a year ago when he arrived at my front door hungry and begging to be let in. When I took him to the vet, she found one of his knees had been broken and his two canine teeth were broken off. He clearly had been mistreated. Even though he trusted me, he would occassionally lash out and try to scratch or bite me when I would go to pet him.

However, within about 3 months of living in the house, he completely changed. He is now the most loving sweetheart. I hope someone gives Tweetie a chance, because all he needs is a little love and reassurance.

If I lived somewhere closer than Michigan, I'd be at your door right now to gather up that adorable baby for a lifetime of pampering. I just hope someone has stepped up already to do so!

I took in two feral kitties from a colony near my office; the male took almost nine months to break his fear and socialize him to humans, but now he follows me around like a dog and tries to spend as much of his day as possible sitting on various parts of my body and flolloping (the girl, for the curious, was pretty easy-going and only took a month to train).
Feral cats take time but they are capable of immense love. I'm too far and can't introduce new cats to my current pack, but someone nearby, don't be afraid - patience and love and positive reinforcement win the day and their hearts.

My mum and dad adopted me after I had been sent back to the rescue guys 3 times. I was a ferral kitten who didn't know people could be ok. 5 years on I lay on my mums tummy at night when she gives me treats, and I sit by my dad all day when he's working on his computer. I still run away from strangers, most of them smell anyway, and they don't give me tuna on a friday like mum! But over the years I get a little less shy. Please someone adopt tweetie. Its hard work but we do learn to love and trust people! If you're lucky we may even bring you mice for tea! My mum is so generous, she always let's me eat them and never has any herself!

Oh, somebody please adopt this little sweetie. I adopted a little feral kitten who wasn't that thrilled with me when we first met. She slowly grew out of it and even started to come out when other people were around. She was a wonderful, affectionate pet, and she brought so much joy to my life. Don't be put off by Tweetie's shyness. If he tolerates touching now, with care, he will become a great pet.

What an adorable kitten! I hope a Nutmegger sees this post and finds it in their heart to give this little cutie a chance!

Little tuxies are my favorite! I'm in Illinois or I'd be begging for little semi-feral (at the moment) Tweetie, who is cute as cute can be. I foster little teenie baby kitties and it is THE most rewarding activity, even when it's 4:00 am, I'm up for yet another feeding in a comfy Lanz nightgown that's wearing kitten formula and a few of the tiniest kitten skidmarks you've ever seen, and practically psychotic--but in a GOOD way!--from lack of sleep! In fact as I am writing this, my 3-year-old red tabby Teddy Monkeytail, who I was given, with his two little brothers at two or three days old just asked my little Jack, a three-month-old tiger boy, to join him for a baby grooming--got to keep those babies clean--and playtime. So sweet! I wish I could meet little Tweet but, since I cannot, I'll send my very best wishes--from all of us--for a speedy and loving adoption.

Please let us know when Tweet has been adopted!

You're incredible! I've never had bottle babies. Not sure I'll be ready for that. I'm VERY grateful when I get little ones, I usually get a FERAL mama to go with them. She does all the work and all I do is keep her fed (which shocks me how much Moms eat) and keep her litter pan clean.

Some day I hope to be able to take on the tough ones, but for now I fret enough just worry about them not thriving or at that critical 3-4 week stage when they cut their teeth-and can suddenly die.

Tweetie had LOTS of play time today and I gave him a few pets. He didn't love it, but he didn't hiss or bite. I need to get him away from his siblings. I think that will help him LOVE me! LOL :-)

I'll DEFINITELY update everyone on Tweetie's progress.

Tiny! coisinha linda.
Tenho gatinha linda tbm,amo ela demais.
Sua pagina,vc esta linda.

LINda,linda de verdade.
Cada um mais lindo que o outro.

I'm living in Asia or I'd snatch Tweetie up in a minute. I've been giving the locals lessons in being a "crazy cat lady" over here. One of them started out feral, still lives outside but is starting to actually welcome the petting that she must endure in order to get to the cat food. She's even letting me pick her up (briefly) ... gives me hope for feral cats everywhere.

Good for you! Spread the word and thank you for helping kitties in a place where I'm pretty sure kitties have an even harder time than they do here!

If you ever want to write some blog posts for Covered in Cat Hair, about your experiences with doing cat rescue in Asia, we'd LOVE to read them. If you need help, let me know!

Tweetie will be OK. He's in good, bitten hands! LOL :-)

Thanks, I might take you up on that. It's funny how most people here never had any real idea about how cute and funny and pretty and playful cats can be - they only have ever seen feral, hungry street cats. It's nice seeing some of the employees at this office, the household help, etc. start forming a bond with the kitties and start to realize they make great pets. I'll put together some ideas and send a blog post along :)

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