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Thanks to All of You.

It's hard to believe a month has already passed since the winners of the Dogtime Pettie Awards were announced. I was deeply honored and thrilled to win Best Blog Post for my story, “Dear Fred.”

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I wish I had filmed my reaction to winning the award, but it went something like this: I screamed REALLY LOUD, so LOUD that Sam thought I was being murdered. Then I ran into the living room, where Sam intercepted me and I yelled; “Oh my GOD I WON I WON I WON!” I started jumping up and down, a lot, quickly, as high as I could until I felt a stab race down my left left. I ripped the tendons in my old lady limbs and I crumpled to the floor in pain. I spent the next four days wondering if I should go to the "Limp in" clinic. I did't sleep because the pain was too severe. I'm doing great now, but really, I need to start exercising or something before these award shows.

It's been a blur of kitten rescues, vet runs and celebucat sightings since the award. In that time I tried to figure out how in the world I was going to shoot an acceptance speech without a video camera or anyone to be my cameraman, but the folks at Dogtime asked and I just couldn't say no.

Robin with 2013 Pettie.jpg
©2013 Robin AF Olson. Selfie with my award. Oooo! It's real!

Yesterday I decided to make room on my iPhone (since it's already loaded with cat photos) and just shoot a "selfie" acceptance speech. I thought it would be amusing to just shoot clips without reading off a script and shoot it in various areas of my house (including my bathroom!). I hope you like the end result.

Robin with 2013 Pettie B.jpg
©2013 Robin AF Olson. I need to put this down. I can't just walk around carrying it, can I?

There's a special message for all of you, so DO give the video a spin!

As ever, you guys are the wind beneath my wings and I deeply appreciate your love and support. I hope to keep doing good work and sharing interesting tales of a life spent with cats with all of you.



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SO happy for you and the kitties of Kitten Associates. : )

Big congrats and nice job on the vid!


you made me cry.


*teary-eyed*  It couldn't happen to a more wonderful organization.  Enjoy your just desserts -- and I know Fred is up there watching, proud as can be that his legacy is helping more kittens to live, thrive, and be loved and valued as they should be. 

Congratulations and a great video!

Got me to do some research on FIP and update my knowledge a bit. May Fred rest in peace. 

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