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Squee-Overload. Felted Kitty Artistry from Japan.

I honestly think the Japanese have a handle on all things cute, especially cats, that always takes my breath away. I just discovered Watakushi Campanella, a amazingly talented felting artist from Japan who grabbed a lot of attention recently over a felted cat headband she created. It was meant to be "for fun" for her and was not something she intended to be for sale which seems to be whipping up frustration around the net with cat-lovers trying to find out how they can get one like it.

Hiyorimi museum/ Campanella. The headband the started the buzz.

What makes me frustrated is: I can't read/write in Japanese, but I can see from her trade show booth photos and the photos on her blog Hiyorimimuseum that she DOES sell these magnificent felted cats! Headband, Schmedband! Look at the images below of her felted cat masterpieces and you'll forget about the headband! Oh, if someone could only translate for me. I'd love to get one of these amazing kitties.









Squeeeeeee cute cat's for sure !


OMC!!! How could anyone LIVE with the cuteness overload?!! *SPLORRRRRRRRRRRRRRT* Those are almost as cute as the real thing! 

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