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Saturday Squee Alert!

DAY TWELVE. So far, so good! Three kittens have opened their eyes! Welcome to the world, babies!

©2012 Robin A.F. Olson.

Although I'm not spending much time with the kittens just yet, mama is coming around and allows me to briefly handle her babies. I think most of the kittens have gained weight. One may have stayed the same, but they are very tough to tell apart. I'll weigh them again tomorrow and jump in and give bottle feeding a try if I think the little guy isn't gaining.

Poor mama. She is clearly exhausted, but I'm supporting her more than the kittens. I feed her many times a day and bring the food to her so she doesn't have to leave the kittens-who seem perpetually attached to her.

©2012 Robin A.F. Olson.

Happy Saturday! Enjoy today's SQUEEEEEE!


So cute!  The one featured in the video looks like a little bear with those claws.  

They look little bears with those feet.

Black kittens are just adorable..and they grow up to be beautiful cats..wish more people appriciated them.

These are the precious moments aren't they.  And this little family has no idea how lucky they are to have fallen into the hands of the most wonderful foster mama in the world.  Nothing like a poly or two or more to liven things up as well.  Squeeee is right!!


I love black kittehs, speceally little babies!!!!!!

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