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Restless Night

I set Bob up with two heated cat beds and lots of soft bedding on the floor of the living room. That way he wouldn't be so tempted to jump onto the furniture to sleep. He seemed comfortable and went right over to the heated pad, even trying each one for a few minutes until he chose the one that worked the best!

As we watched the new season opener of House, I kept looking over at him. He would walk a few few and lay down. Nothing new. He rolled on his back and laid belly up very briefly. He does this, but usually lays there longer. He ate his dinner and got some extra snacks of pulled pork (no sauce) from me. He seemed to be doing all right.

I got up in the middle of the night and checked on him. He was laying on the cat bed in the middle of the sofa. Nora was sleeping to his right, Nicky, to his left. It seemed as though they were there to comfort him, since they certainly are his buddies; or that's how my bleary mind decided what it meant.

It's not even 8am, so not much more news than that. We're going to feed everyone soon. Hopefully Bob will be his usual hungry, yet picky, self. Bob's having an ultrasound at VREC, did I write about that yesterday? Sorry if I'm repeating myself...anyway it's at 1pm today.

We'll see how that goes...more news later today.

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Sending love and luck to you and Bob. (And maybe if I concentrate real hard, I can make VREC have a cancellation so they can get you in earlier!)

Good luck to you and Bob! Sounds like he's acting normal...I would think that if he were in pain he would be hiding somewhere...

I hope he's ok!!

Robin I'm so sorry your lovely Bob has had this accident. I hope the scan shows he is okay and that the liver problem is not damage from the fall. Also that the treatment for his liver helps to bring the ALT levels back under control.

Meanwhile, I also hope that you will have a quieter, less stressful day. It seems that you've taken this hard too and also that you feel very guilty. It was an accident and although Bob fell because he was startled, it was not your fault. Stuff like this happens now and then. This accident could have happened to anyone/any cat. That it happened to you and Bob is just one of those things. People and cats do fall occasionally. Cats are normally better at balance but, as you say, Bob is getting old (as is our dear Sherlock) and is less fit and active than a young cat. Please don't beat yourself up about it. Bob will recover quicker if you can recover from your shock - he will be happier with a relaxed owner.

I read your stuff from yesterday and it is sad that you felt so alone. I have had this happen to me too and it is miserable. I am so glad you felt supported by your online friends and hope you continue to find us a source of comfort and support.

I think you're a special person, who does so much for your feline friends and companions. Take care of yourself too - you deserve it.


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