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Reason #371 Why to Keep Your Cat Indoors

[Warning: this post will contain foul language]


I just read an article posted in the PSPCA about a 19 year old kid who decided it would be fun to duct tape up a helpless kitty and dump it in his neighbors yard. Thankfully, the neighbor took action and got it to the Pennsylvania Society for the Prevention (rather late for preventing in this case, eh?) of Cruelty to Animals where she was sedated so the tape could be removed.

Calling her, Sticky, the folks at PSPCA have not been able to find this kitty's owner, so she will be put up for adoption now that her health is no longer threatened and she has recovered well. Needless to say, here is yet another reason NOT to let your cat outdoors! There ARE crazy fuckers out there! Here is also another reason why I think that not only should this piece-of-shit scum bag get the 2 years in prison and $1000.00 fine he's eligible for, but he should also be stripped down and duct tapped and tossed into a stranger's yard, too! They should wait until it's raining and about 37 degrees and while they're at it, maybe they should also, accidently, of course, forget that they dropped him in someone's yard who has lots of BIG, ANGRY, HUNGRY, DOGS!

Anyone want to go on a road trip to Philly with me? Make sure to bring some tape with you.

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If I could, I would go on a roadtrip to Philly with you- we would then strip down this bastard, duct tape him and I say throw him off the nearest cliff. This is why I never have believed in letting my cats outside. Too many dangers.


I hate what was done to this poor cat, but I AM glad that her case is getting national attention. Do people really think that the POS who did this won't ever cause another living creature harm? People need to know that these shitbags are out there, and that because their victim was "only" an animal, they aren't a threat. They need to understand that that THIS victim was an animal. There will be more, and they'll be human.

I took my ferret Louise to the vet yesterday for her monthly shot, and the vet who does some work at the shelter was there. I asked him about a case of animal cruelty that happened in Utica last week. He gave the details of the story: Some SOB got plastered, saw his neighbor's cat in the hall, broke out his box cutters and cut 2/3 of the cat's tail off. Dr. S amputated what was left of the cat's tail. The sicko that did this was in jail for a bit before his hearing, but is out on bail. Unfortunately, he'll probably make a plea bargain.

Of course nobody will stand up and take responsibility for these cats because they NEVER acted responsibly with them. At least these two cats have caught the public's eye, and someone will open their hearts and homes to them so they will never again know this cruelty.

Let's duct tape the perp to a fire ant hill. When it's 100 degrees out. Then give the hill a kick.

This goon probably thought he was funny. Probably even thought he wasn't hurting the cat. I wanted to find out more about this incident, when I put "duct tape cat" into google I came up with 3 sites the advocated such behaviour as entertaining and/or harmless scientific experiment! One photo.. which probably was photoshopped, depicted a cat more tightly bound that this poor little girl was. This is not an excuse. This is more of a expaserated wish that people would THINK about what they find funny, give a little consideration, maybe, to the what the 'butt' of their jokes is actually experiencing.

I say we duct tape HIM and throw him in his neighbor's yard. See how he likes it.

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