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Pi Babies!

I got me some new foster kitties—WOO! They were born on March 14, 2008 (aka, Pi Day)
Excuse Me

—a gorgeous feral Mama (not pictured yet) and three teenie-weenie babies!

What should their names be? Leave a comment here with your suggestions!


Smokey, Ashes and Coal

Okay, am I allowed to say that????

Robin, thank you so much for taking in my feral momma and her beautiful babies. I know that they will find such love and warmth in your home and then find fantastic furrever homes.

If my home weren't already full... but after meeting you, I'm confident things could not have worked out better.

You are amazing. And those kittens! Wow, what lookers!!!

Great choice for names! I have to come up with something soon!

-Covered in Cat Hair

Thank you, Jennifer! I'm honored to be part of their young lives. Thank you for having faith in me. I'll do my best to keep them safe and happy.

It always gives me a lot of joy to be around kittens. I never tire of it, even though I do find it sad to say goodbye. I honestly think it helps keep depression at bay! How could it not?

Please come back and visit any time!

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