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Not on My Watched: 24 Month Old Chubby Sisters, Dumped

©2010 Maria Sandoval. Look at their matching white bibs and paws! I love that!

They sat crouched inside a cat carrier inside a moving car. Suddenly the car stopped and with the engine still running, the door opened. The cats felt their carrier rise into the air giving them a better view of where they had been taken. It was dark, but they could see they were somewhere unfamiliar. They feared it was a trip to the Vet, but usually this only happened during the day. Nothing made sense.

big belly.jpg
©2010 Maria Sandoval. Someone wants a belly rub. I'm not sayin' who.

Their person carried them a few feet, at a rapid pace. The cat carrier thumped on the ground, rocking them back and forth. They were terrified, not knowing what was happening. They were so glad they were together. At least it felt safer when they could be next to each other.

gray kitty lunch copy.jpg
©2010 Maria Sandoval. Lunch is served, though it may be one of your last.

The person made sounds at them, but they didn't understand. Then the person left, jumped into the car and took off. The sisters just sat there, huddling in their cage, wondering why they were trapped and if they were in danger.They just sat there and cried, but no one came.

©2010 Maria Sandoval. Sweet Lady Gray with such pretty green eyes.

Even though they had to go to the bathroom, they had to hold it as long as they could. One of them couldn't wait anymore. She was sorry, but she had to pee. So they both sat in the crate with smelly pee and waited. After many many hours the sun came up and a woman found them. She took them inside and put them into a metal cage with some food and water. They were glad to be out of the cat carrier, but sad to be in a cage.

Then it sank in...they weren't going back home ever again. They got dumped. They didn't know what they did wrong or why they had to be confined. They are good cats and love each other and love people, too. No one even left a note so no one knows if they ever had a name. Now they have lost that, too.

©2010 Maria Sandoval. She says; "Don't let my life go down the drain...or let crazy-Robin write such tacky subheads under my photo!

Someone loved these spayed, domestic short-haired girls enough to make sure they were fed. They're both quite chubby. They're also just about 2 years old and have been tested negative for FIV and Feline Leukemia. They got their rabies shot and distemper combo shot so they are completely ready to go to a new home.

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©2010 Maria Sandoval. If you scratch my butt, I will approve of that, but please ignore my dandruff. It will go away once I get fed better!

The problem: they need to stay together-AND the Vet won't commit to keeping them for very long. Their next stop will be Henry County Care & Control-otherwise known as DEATH ROW. Once at HCCAC, the cats will get a URI, fleas, ringworm, who knows what...if they get a URI they get put to sleep, if they stay more than a few days, they get put to sleep.

It's the age old threat that still applies. These girls are probably going to die. They are not purebreds. They are not kittens. They are just two cats who love each other and love people, even if they weren't so nice back to them.

We need a RESCUE group to take them into foster care OR we need ONE PERSON to ADOPT BOTH OF THESE CATS.YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE A LICENSED GA RESCUE to help these cats! Since they're at a Vet's office, you can just come and get 'em! Transportation can be arranged.

If you would like to help these girls, please contact:

East Lake Vet Hospital

86 Claire Ct
Mcdonough, GA 30252-4836

or CALL: (770) 914-0735

Please, also cross post and share. This is the ONLY POSTING online for these two cats!!! THE MORE WE GET THE WORD OUT, THE BETTER! THANK YOU!


Reposted and retweeted...I hope we can find a way to help these two beautiful girls. If they were here in CT I could probably even be talked into fostering them until they found a forever home.

we can bring them up with us to PA & they can go with Robin when she meets my husband to pick up her 3. Then you can work it out with her on how to meet her to get them.

We can make it a last resort if nothing else happens in the meantime.

Robin -

Maybe Bobby would be willing to go get them & bring them to Maria's for Mark and I to pick up when we pick up the others??

Let's keep that option in mind if transport to a forever home doesn't work out.

So, so very sad. Why do so many of these stories come out of GA?????!!! I'm way out in CA, and cannot help, or I'd try to adopt these two cuties myself or find someone who would. WHEN are people going to learn that killing innocent kitties (and other domesticated pet animals) is NOT the answer??!!

find out if the vet is willing to keep them thru Thur or Fri?? We are going to be coming through on Thursday and we can pick them up to transport them to the man in Melbourne, FL who wants them if he is willing to meet us 1/2 way.

We have at least another week or two. I called them today and they are ok to wait..but of course that can change at a moment's notice.

Any updates on this? I've tweeted this post and people are asking if the cats have gotten a home yet. Please send update so I know whether to keep promoting or not. Thanks!

We have a transport leaving GA on Saturday and can take the cats if they find a home in the north. No news. Will call East Lake tomorrow for an update. If you have anyone interested, they MUST contact either ME or EAST LAKE ASAP!!!

Thank you!

Please keep me posted if it doesn't work out with the man in Melbourne. I live in Palm Coast, Fl

Could you drive up to Lake City & meet us on Thursday evening?

If so, email Robin. She'll have some questions. Her email address under Contact the Author.


Contact Best Friends in Utah. PLEASE. They should not have to be put down because some jerk no longer wants them.

Have these 2 cats been adopted out yet?

No one has adopted the cats. If you're interested, visit my web site and fill out a pre adoption form and let us know your location so we can figure out how to get them to you. You will have to pay for their transport-if needed.


Oh, my I hope they get adopted together soon.
Tansy spent most of the afternoon on my lap. I'm still pretty sick. Carol is doing a lot and there is some discussion about my going into the hospital if the current course of steroids does not work. The pulmonary doc I see is on top of things and we had a long talk about toxic mold in at least one of the buildings I worked in. It was awful and we were there during a 500 year flood up in MI. It was a social service agency so we had our hands full with victims. I've had this bronchitis every winter (it started in August) for roughly 30 years. My lawyer fell down the stairs at the law office a couple days ago and broke his foot. Things are not going well.
HOWEVER, a reporter up in MI is interested in my story and is calling me as soon as he can. Sounds like a very nice guy. He gave me his direct number with instructions to call if he does not call by next week. He knows I have medical appointments on Friday so hopefully he will call tomorrow.
Wish I could help with these kitties. With things here, Tansy is going to be it for quite a while. Carol says if I have to go in--and they are talking sending me up to Wake Forest and that will be drs I don't know--she can handle things here. I got mad at her for scooping litter boxes when I was outside with Katie. (my collie) She grocery shopped today without me or her cell phone. (bad girl) Getting frisky, but she is on oxygen. So I worry. She had occupational therapy up in Winston-Salem and was told to do things but... She has ovarian cancer. I am hoping we can go out for a nosh on her brithday on the 23rd, even if it's just a buck burger someplace. LOL. We've filled a punch card for a free Chinese buffet. I can't taste much and my appetite is lousy (a good thing) but the food at this place is delish. Dinner without little faces and paws in our plates, LOL. What will we do?
My brother, who lives down here, is giving me their old car. He swears it will get me to MI for the comp trial. I'm still hoping that they will go back to negotiation. I called the lawyer with the hospital thing that I was told about this morning. He's off until Monday.
I'm from a small county in MI (our claim to fame is I lived 14 miles south of the Nichols farm where the Oklahoma City bombing was probably hatched, drove by it daily on the way to work and I didn't see farming and was in OKC the month before for the collie national specialty showing in herding and obedience) where the animal control is not on the top of the budget priorities and it's always full but the ACO has huge binders full of rescues and tries his best to avoid euthanasia. He's taken dogs home and has office dogs and probably a few cats too--he's a dog guy. I hate what goes on down here in the south. My Bombay girls came from VA, (two, Olivia and Sassy) and I got them for $20 total during an adoption special. Sassy had been returned twice for not getting along with other pets but she's been fine here.
I used to transport a lot for Maine Coon Rescue and transported some dogs and cats from the county shelter up in MI. I'm hoping I can get back to that if this case settles. I have things I want to do but have to get through this and I am also staring down the barrel of surgery on my right hand.
I told the dr's guy this morning that I think I picked up the cold that set this off at the hospital Carol was in to begin with and that the idea of 3-4 days in for treatment, testing, etc, does not make me warm and fuzzy all over. He just laughted. Carol said she can handle Katie. I'll miss the kitties and Katie.

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