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Not on My Watch: When Someone is You.

This little cat, sits serenely in a steel cage, waiting. For her, the time passes slowly, the sound of barking dogs and crying cats in constant alarm, makes it tough to sleep. She's sat in this small cage for days, wondering what will come next? Will her fate be, like so many others? The adults no one wants. Will someone come to her cage, lift her in their arms and instead of taking her away from this place, take her somewhere where her life will be ended by toxic gas or a needle to the heart, instead?

This is her reality. The odds are stacked against her. With a 98% euthanasia rate, she would have to win a lottery to escape this place alive.

7.23.10 075_sm.jpg
©2010 Henry Co. Care & Control. Mini-Bobtail Cat Waits for Rescue that may never come.

Last week I asked for help for this “Mini-Bobcat,” declawed cat. Let's find someone to take this sweet cat into their home or find a rescue group to take her away from this madness, but no on stepped forward.

With donations dwindling, shelters bursting with abandoned and surrendered animals, who has room for one more cat? Who would make the effort to coordinate her rescue, her foster care, her transport?

It's a lot to ask. Once in awhile, when I do ask, someone listens. Then I can sit back and exhale. Someone helped her because I could not. Someone did the work and took the risk on her, so that she might live another day. We all think, “maybe someone will help her? I sure hope so.”

One day, maybe that someone will be YOU?


Today, this one adult cat, with no tail or claws, is safe. She has been lifted into the arms of a stranger, who will walk her out the door, never to return again. She will beat the odds because someone made an effort for her and someone cared.

If only all of us could be that "someone" for an animal in need. There are so many other cats and dogs in the same situation, who need the same chance to live a full life and who need all of us to step up, take a risk and take them out of these places and into safety.

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©2010 Henry Co. Care & Control. Named: Bobbi, she has been rescued and will be transported to Connecticut, thanks to our friends at Animals in Distress for offering to give her a placement in their no-kill, cats only, shelter until she finds a home to call her own.

We will never win this battle alone or with our good wishes. We have to do more-first, Spay or Neuter our pets. Make sure our neighbors have done the same. If they can't afford it, find a way to help them. By doing so, you just saved many animals lives. There's a lot you can do, even if it seems to be a small thing. It all adds up. It all matters and makes a difference.


I am SO THRILLED! I was so concerned about this kitty, and so angry at whoever declawed (mutilated) her and then cruelly abandoned her.

It sickens me to see the number of DECLAWED cats who wind up at Animal Control facilities. If someone does not want to deal with a cat's natural inclination and NEED to scratch, and do the appropriate things (buy them a variety of scratching surfaces, buy furniture with non-desirable scratching surfaces, etc.), then they would be better off with a decorative plush cat instead of a living, breathing one.

She's beautiful! And what a wonderful story! Makes me glad I sent a check to Animals in Distress this morning after reading your earlier story about finding their Grey. Just out of curiosity, how old do they think she is?

Bobbi is only 1-2 years old and weighs just 5.5 lbs. She's a tiny little love bug. Thank you for sending a check to AID. they really need the money and support! I'll be sharing more info on Bobbi tomorrow.

Robin - I posted on your FB blurb about her. She should be highly adoptable given her Manx status. I currently have a Manx boy (Heinie) and had another one years ago (Max) who passed in 2003. Manx kitties are wonderful pets and usually will "choose" one person as their own. I have been lucky enough to be chosen twice. They are characters too - the 2 I have had are "fetchers" and quite the ruler of the roost.

If no one steps forward to adopt her in CT I would take her in a heart beat if you could get her to St. Louis... but I would need to know if she is good with other kitties. I have 3 males and right now it seems like the perfect clutter - no territory marking & everyone loves each other. I am not really looking for another kitty but I have always told my hubby that the best kitties are the ones that FIND you: )
She is very beautiful and those fluffocks are A-1! Keep us posted and let me know if I need to make room for one more...

Bobbi Cat is now with me and is an absolute love. She is simply gorgeous! For now, she is stretched out on the floor probably wondering where in the world she is at. She's eaten some wet food and drank a little water. I hope she feels safe now. I only want her to feel the love that I already have for her after only having her for an hour. When I rubbed her little belly, she just looked so calm and peaceful. I wondered when the last time was she had a special little belly rub. She does have a little cold and is breathing kind of loud so I will start her on her meds tonight. I am so happy that I could be a part of this rescue and thank everybody else who also played a part in saving this baby girls life.

If only this little cat was older - I was so torn between getting her and being reasonable - I am too old for her and would hate for her to be in the same situation again some day.....

Certainly all things did come together for this little girl. As Maria said, she is one of the most loving kitties that I have seen, and she seems to really enjoy auto rides. When we were called back at the clinic she just walked out of the carrier and directly to the the tech. She hopped down to the floor and went behind the chair, but came to us when called. Bobbi wasn't too thrilled with the temp procedure, but this Bobby agrees with her about that.

I am so thankful for all that have helped with this kitty and with the others from Henry A.C. All the people that Robin mentioned including herself, and certainly Maria because with out that temporary shelter nothing would happen, deserve our praise. My feeble effort was way back in the dust, but I'm glad to have had a small part.

Bobbi came from an area very close to my house; probably as a found stray.

Headbutts for all


Dear Bobby,

Please don't downplay the important part you play in all these babies getting rescued. You're driving all the way up to South Carolina with Mama Calico and all the driving you've done for me..we could not have done ONE rescue without YOU. You and Maria are my keys to success right now and I love you both for what you do. It's hard for me to live 1000 miles away and try to figure out what to do, how to help you do what you need to do, and not mess it all up. The fact that you and Maria help me figure it out, offer ideas and suggestions on top of all the running around, is a priceless gift to me and to these cats. That's why this kitty is named Bobbi-it's in honor of YOU!

I promise to get these babies here and get them the best home I can so it will all be worth our hard work.


You know, I haven't had a cat scratch up the house since I was a teen. Because I learned that sticky tape and aluminum foil covering a scratch target for a month or 2 will make it permanently unattractive.. for 5 cats. 5 cats with claws and no ruined furniture. So sad.
5.5lb is such a tiny little thing.
Ok, what do you do with neighbors who don't get it? Couple of kids moved in next door, renters. 2 cats. The male is fixed, the female.. not. She's very, very friendly. Looks to be fully grown. They took her in because a cousin couldn't keep her any longer. She's supposed to be indoor only but lately she wants to be out all the time. I warned them that I'm seeing some signs of heat.. and they thought it was cool. They'd love kittens. We have a free neutering service in the area, a subsidized inexpensive one. This isn't a money thing. I wish I could make them visit this web site. Or an overcrowded shelter.

I was surprised to hear all four paws had been declawed - I thought most vets would only do the front ones. I'm hoping she may eventually get a good indoor home with someone who can understand the issues that sometimes arise with declawed cats. I'd never do it to any of my four babies (as my couch can attest), but I know my mother had both of her Siamese declawed (front only). Those two are much luckier than this poor baby has been though - they are now sixteen years of age, spoiled rotten and totally adored. She's already made the decision that when her two pass she will adopt a middle age or older cat (or two) who have been declawed already, so one day a couple of lucky shelter kitties will find themselves sprung into a very cat centric household, where their only access to outdoors would be the pool cage in Florida, or the screened sunroom in the Ontario cottage.

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