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Not on My Watch: Turds

Okay, this might not be completely fair, BUT, no word from the CT "rescue" group who were supposed to take the Dilute Calico. Due to them not contacting either the Transport company OR the person in SC overseeing her rescue, the rescuer decided it was in the cat's best interest to NOT be added to this week's transport. She'll stay behind, at least another week or permanently.

I'm miffed, to say the least. This behavior not only makes this group look bad, but it makes us ALL look bad. Chock one up to just "another nut job" not being good a dealing with people, but trying, badly, to rescue cats. it something else? Maybe these people have a very good reason for falling through at the LAST MINUTE?? Maybe? Maybe they had a serious toe-stubbing incident or they "just didn't feel like it after all." I realize I'm being mean without knowing all the facts, but the facts I do know are this wonderful cat is not going to be in a home of her own any time soon.

That said, I found out the dilute was moved to another foster with just one other cat. Of course the resident cat is peeing up a storm-most likely due to an inappropriate introduction. The woman's nephew sneezes-so we'll get them some Simple Solutions Allergy Relief to see if that makes a difference? I've offered to share re-introduction techniques, too, to help stop the male kitty from peeing.

Perhaps, with any luck, this cat is already in her forever home and we just don't know that yet?


What is wrong with people? If you changed your mind can you please remember that a life is involved and let people know so other arrangements can be made. I hope this cat will be okay and that the new foster home does not just put her outside because of the peeing and sneezing.

Do you have the proper intro techniques in a doc that you can email to the foster mom? I also wonder why a foster home would not use proper introductions? It is proven with proper intros and adequate time things go MUCH MORE SMOOTHLY for all involved in the situation.... I know..preaching to the choir :)

Thank-you for keeping us all utd on the circumstances. Hope the SC "Cardboard Box" kittens are doing well. Hope the Berry's have a safe journey.

We would like to know more please. She is a beautiful girl and maybe we can work something out for her.

I sent you my email address via Twitter. Please write me and I can fill you in on all the details of this gorgeous girl! Thank you SO MUCH for even considering her. Anyone who adopts her will be SUPER LUCKY! She is a great catch and does get along with other cats!

I am so sorry about that. :( *sigh* I hope she gets a better home.

Is there an udpate on the tuxedo cat?

We are headed down to GA next weekend to pick up that 20-yr old that was dumped at NEGAS & also bringing 2 kittens north who are destined for WI. Poor kitties, out of the oven and into the freezer. O.O

I wonder if cats have the same climate acclimation issues we do. Nyah is from GA and she is facing ehr first winter here in Central PA. Granted, she is indoors, but we keep the house at 64-degrees when we aren't home and at night. She doesn't seem to be bothered by the cold tho, but she has learned about the electric blanket on our bed, so maybe she is a might chilly still.

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