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Not on My Watch: The Perils of Pauline, the CRF Kitty

Located in Washington State, 10 year old Pauline, is in need of a home where she can live out the rest of her life. She has about a month or so left before she'll be put down. Her current foster Mom is doing everything she can to find a home for this cat before she, herself moves to Arizona-to a place where she faces for more difficult than just landlord issues. Karen has been trying to do the right thing for Pauline-but it just isn't going to happen without our help.

Here's why-

"There is more to it than just the landlord thing. I have her now isolated in the guest bedroom. One of my permanant cats hates her, so moving with all three into a small mobile home for the winter is just impossible and not a good life for Pauline. Yes, I have put up signs, and ad in the newspaper. I have checked with area Shelters...they all PTS an older cat with CRF, because they are deemed unadoptable. That's why I'm seeking a 'private adoption'."

Her cat Sophie has already viscously attacked Pauline which is why Pauline is isolated.

Here's more about Pauline from her rescuer, Karen:

You've heard of "Perils of Pauline"? Well, that's how I got my present name.

I was certainly in peril when I was found collapsed in the street on a cold rainy day. I weighed only 3 pounds then---I was so hungry !

Still too thin, but now with a full belly, Pauline waits for that special person to give her a forever home.

I have been to the vet, and unfortunately I have kidney failure (CRF). I'm about ten years old, maybe older. I also have reduced range of motion in my hind quarters--probably arthritis. I also have a heart

I am front de-clawed and spayed. I'm not a run-way model, just an ordinary brown tabby Manx cross. I have a short kinky tail. I have two dark stripes on each front leg that look like garters !

Who could resist such a sweet face?

I am FIV and FeLV negative. No fleas or ear mites, either. I was once well cared for. I did not do anything wrong, but my previous family has not come for me.

I need a home where I can spend the rest of my days. Perhaps someone who knows about CRF and the care that I will need.

I like to lay in the sun. I will lay on laps and purr. I make a mean batch of biscuits. I'm a nice kitty.

I don't get into trouble and I'm quiet. I do let you know if I'm hungry. After all, I'm making up for lost time. I weigh five + pounds now. My appetite is good ! I'm not a fussy eater and I really like canned food.

I'm OK with other friendly cats, but I don't know about dogs.


I will be put to sleep if a place is not found for me soon.

If you'd like to learn more about how you can adopt Pauline, please contact: ME! (I will get the info to Karen.)

Can't adopt? Well, spread the word, then! Pauline needs us to let our friends know-especially if they live in Washington state, about this lovely kitty! Let's find her that wonderful, loving home she deserves!


I am not a member of this Yahoo group, but you might consider looking into it - it's a support group for those with CRF cats, and there are probably a lot of sympathetic folks who understand Pauline's issues - and someone there may be inclined in take her in.

I'll let Karen know about it.

Thank you!

..I was going to suggest it myself. You probably have to join the group to post, though. If you're on Catster, that's another good place to post her info. If you aren't on Catster, let me know as I am and will happily spread the word there!

Yes, please post on Catster!

I shared the info. on a Catster group for senior kitties, and asked people to crosspost to other groups. Hope it helps!

Thank you, Denise! Every little bit helps! You never know who will see your post. We just need ONE person to see it...the right person!

since she's going to be going south I would highly encourage your friend in washington state contact best freinds since pauline is the kind of case that's right up their alley!! i wouldn't be surprised at all if they took her in!

Does anybody know if she was able to find a home?

Good question, though. I will check up on her.

Pauline is STILL looking for a rescue or a placement in a great home. If you know anyone in Seattle or the surrounding area, please let them know about this sweet cat!

Patricia from the Dallas area is adopting Pauline into her furry family. Patti, a member of the Feline Diabetes Message Board, will be flying Pauline in the cabin to her new home on October 14. We are now trying to raise the $417 needed for the flight.

We will gladly post it. I thought Pauline was going to a home with 52 other cats or is this the same home?? Let me know some details so I can share with everyone!

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