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Not on My Watch: Perfect & Precious

AC 11.10.10 142.jpg
©2010 Betsy Merchant.

Yesterday, I got a plea from Betsy at Henry County Care & Control. One of the other cats hoping to get rescued is a sweet little girl who is, well, is a bit of a “fixer-upper.” I took one look at the photos and tried not to cry. I decided I had to do whatever I could to help her find a rescue.

AC 11.10.10 145 .jpg
©2010 Betsy Merchant. Her right front leg bends at an odd angle. Her jaw appears to be broken, too.

This little dear, gets along fine, thank you, even “hauls around”, according to Betsy, even though it's clear, something quite serious happened to her. Most likely she was hit by a car, but we don't know when. We know that no one bothered to provide her with any medical care. How they could look at her and not see that she needed HELP shocks me. To make things worse, now she finds herself waiting to die at a Kill Shelter. What kind of world is this?

AC 11.10.10 147.jpg
©2010 Betsy Merchant.

She not a cute itty-bitty kitty. She may require thousands in Vet care to correct her facial deformity and to possibly amputate her leg. Although she can eat, she does drool. Although she can walk, is she in pain? She doesn't deserve this life she's had, she deserves so much better. The thing can I get that to happen for her?

AC 11.10.10 149.jpg
©2010 Betsy Merchant. Not in pain, this little girl can still move around quite freely.

I guess it's like everything else. You just put the word out and hope the perfect person sees her photo and falls in love. This little cat's body may be broken, but her heart is still full of love. She's a sweet natured cat, even after all she has suffered. I know someone can help her. I just have to find them.

AC 11.10.10 153.jpg
©2010 Betsy Merchant.

I sent out some emails last night, to my “gals,” Connie and Jennifer. I asked them for suggestions on how we can be creative, get this cat to Connecticut and get her help. I would do a fundraiser. I would help get a foster. I would do just about everything I could think of, but I just couldn't adopt her.

AC 11.10.10 164.jpg
©2010 Betsy Merchant. What a FACE!

I didn't have to. Connie, who already adopted Big O-a complete wreck of a beast from a horrible situation in GA and who adopted Little Maria, who had an untreated broken leg, stepped up and suggested that SHE adopt this cat! I balked at first, but Connie prefers to help cats that are in dire straights-the ones that are hard to place-the ones that need a little work (or a lot!). One thing I know about Connie is that when she makes a commitment to a cat, that cat won't have anything to worry about ever again. Connie is a magnificent cat-mama. If she was willing to open her home to this poor creature, then I could make it happen.

AC 11.10.10 145  rez.jpg
©2010 Betsy Merchant.

So as I sat in the car while Sam drove us to New York City to attend The Chocolate Show, I made phone calls. Things began to fall into place. As of this moment, this cat is FREE. She is busted out of Henry County. She's at the Vet being checked out. With any luck, fairly soon she will be at her foster mama's home and in a few weeks, she should be ready to fly to Connecticut-right around Thanksgiving—a perfect time to truly appreciate the miracle that happened for this girl. This girl, former ID# 11/10-4781, now has a home to look forward to and a proper name.

AC 11.10.10 145_ct.jpg
©2010 Betsy Merchant.

Introducing, Precious.

AC 11.10.10 142 precious.jpg

Oh yeah, and the Chocolate Show was awesome, too!



Are AMAZING and Thank You :)
She is a beauty and oh so Precious!!

What a wonderful new chapter in this sweet girl's story. I swear by all that is furry, lovable and cute that if I had a space in my home, I would have offered to adopt her too!

What a wonderful hero that beautiful girl has in Connie. May you all have ample blessings for the grace you give to the world. Om mani padme hum.

I am so so happy. :) Wonderful news. :)

I have tears in my eyes..the good kind :) Thank you Robin and Connie <3

You girls make me cry - oh so happy tears of joy! From the saddness of our loss yesterday of Cleo to the awesome rescue/adoptions of later yesterday and today, my heart is filled. Thank you for ALL you do.

What a great story! How ANYONE could do this to an animal is beyond me! I also have a soft spot for special needs animlas (crippled parrot, 3 legged cat, 1 eyed cat, etc etc) so i would have taken her in a heartbeat, if I already didn't have 8 cats, 3dogs, 3 birds and fish) Connie and the rest of you are to be commended on all the great work you do~the Internet is a great thing for that. WELL DONE!

I am so happy for this little sweetheart!!! Thank you Robin and Connie! Please keep us updated on her progress.

Bless you & Connie for what you're doing. I wish I could help financially, but am still paying off vet bills not only for my 2 dogs (not life threatening but expensive) and for surgery to fix a broken jaw on my Chloe. She managed to get out of the house & had an argument with a car that broke both her top & bottom jaws & tore the ligaments in her hind leg. If not for her microchip, we might never have found her again. She is a just over a year old now, a little black Oriental looking shorthair who is as good as new except for a slight limp in her hind leg that means making several smaller jumps instead of one big one. She hasn't slowed down a bit & I know that now that she has someone to care for her, Precious will do beautifully.

have been trying to register & join "Covered in Cat Hair" but computer keeps rejecting me. First it tells me my user name & e mail are already registered - then, when I ask for a new password, it tells me that e -mail address is not registered....... Help!

Email me your screen name and email address that you used to sign up and I will fix it.


My Precious was discarded as a kitten at the dumpster behind my workplace like so much trash. She also has a crippled front foot (vet says crushed when she was a tiny kitten). I found her 4 years ago and brought her home after 3 months of feeding and gaining her trust. She is precious an I know this Precious will be too.

..and a kind soul. I'm so glad for you AND your Precious! :-D

thank you guys for saving her. it hurts to see these kitties all the time and not be able to do anything for them myself.

Beautiful kitteh! Her eyes speak to my soul. Good to know she went with someone who will love her and take good care of her. I gotta find a kleenex now.
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I just get sick when I think of the abuse of these poor animals... All of them. It should be known tho, that I am a felinial My "precious cat" is named Howler. He wandered the neighborhood for over a year starving, broken back paw...screaming in pain. Thus his name. Another year to gain his trust and to be able to touch him- he was a Tom, constantly torn to shreds. He's now a happy rather pampered housecat and lives happily with 4 other rescues. Blessings to you all who care for the cats.

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