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Not on My Watch-It's Just One More Cat

Maria and I decided after a few years of fostering non-stop that we both needed a break. That lasted one week before Maria took on a sweet kitty whose owner had left it at a parking lot near the local Target store. Maria named the 4 month old kitten, Bunny Boo Boo and on her own, took care of the vetting and brought the kitten home until she could find a forever family.

Insta bunny copy.jpg
©2012 Maria S. Bunny Boo Boo.

Bunny is a love bug and I'm helping Maria find a forever home for her. Maria knew I just couldn't take on more kittens here in Connecticut so we're focusing on finding a local home for Bunny (somewhere in the McDonough, GA area).

Bunny gets on with other dogs and cats and loves people. She'd be a great addition to any family. We can arrange transport to nearby states if you're not located too far from Atlanta.

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Visit my rescue, Kitten Associatess to fill out a Pre-Adoption Application or email us at to find out more.

Insta bongo copy.jpg
©2012 Betsy Merchant. Bongo.

A week after Bunny, we rescued Bongo. It was just one more cat, right?

Then we heard about a heartbreaking situation in another part of Georgia. Apparently a neighboring town has an Animal Control where they not only euthanize animals in record numbers, but their method is by heartstick. If you want to know what that is, click HERE (there are no graphic images). I don't want to describe it because it's horrible and upsetting, but if you feel you can read about it then you'll know WHY we want to AVOID any cat having to go to this place. If you read it you'll also know why there is a strong support to BAN this heinous activity.

I heard about a pregnant mama cat roaming the parking lot of an apartment complex where the owners were VERY happy to get "rid" of any stray cats and take them straight to Animal Control. With local rescues filled to the brim we had a big challenge ahead of us, but something amazing happened.

Preg Siamese copy.jpg
©2012 Jennifer N. Pregnant siamese mix in her new foster home.

After posting ONE PHOTO on our CiCH Facebook Page and asking all of you to SHARE her story, this kitty got TWO offers to foster her IN ONE HOUR!

Within a few days we were able to put together a team and Bobby our awesome volunteer, drove her a few hundred miles to her new foster home. I'm very glad to report she is doing VERY WELL with foster mom, Jennifer N. and is VERY affectionate (and gorgeous). That she was living outside on her own, but still very friendly reminds us of how many owner-abandoned cats there are out there. She must have known love at some point. Thankfully she will know love again.

And then there's George.

George lived with a lady who took him in off the streets at the same apartment complex. She took him into her home, knowing full well she would get evicted if they found out she had a cat. To make matters worse, she's at this location to hide from an abusive husband so she really needs to keep a low profile. In some ways it would have been good if we could have rescue her AND her cat, but at least we could help her cat.

©2012 Bobby Stanford. George.

George is just one MORE cat, but that's really IT for us for this year. We need to find homes for the cats we made a commitment to already and I DO need a break so I can focus on fundraising and getting a lot of silly things done, like finish our web site and do some long range planning, RIGHT?

Bobby picked George up a few hours ago. George is about 7 months old and is vetted and has a clean bill of health. He's friendly and could become a good buddy to Bongo as soon as George can come out of quarantine. George has a bad “toupee” swatch of black fur on his head, a spot on his side and his tail is fluffy and all BLACK! This may sound odd, but I had a premonition about this cat the night before I found out about him so I had to say YES when I was asked if we could take him on (or that's just a weird-ass excuse and I think he's cute so what the heck).

Helmut copy.jpg
©2012 Bobby Stanford. Helmet.

There is one more cat who does NOT have a RESCUE, but who clearly needs one. His name is Helmet.

Helmet is 10 years old. His family has been evicted from their home and are going to live temporarily with a family member who refuses to take on the cat, too. Helmet was taken to Animal Control. They told the couple they will have to EUTHANIZE HIM when he comes in the door. He will have NO CHANCE FOR re-homing. They are FULL UP and OWNER SURRENDERED CATS DIE FIRST.

Helmet does not deserve this. The couple, crying, begged for another choice. Animal control called Bobby and Barb from Winging Cat Rescue. They don't have anywhere for this TWENTY-FIVE POUND, DECLAWED cat to go.

We are in DIRE need of a Georgia Licensed Rescue to take Helmet into their program. I'm sure we can provide either vetting and/or a donation to provide for his initial services. Helmet is a nice cat, with a crappy name, in a terrible situation. This poor guy is in a small cage at a boarding facility and he's not eating. This is no way to put a big cat on a diet. He's terrified and sad.

We would also be HAPPY if someone wanted to ADOPT this GENTLE GIANT and give him the love and security he needs.

Can you help HELMET? Sharing this post would REALLY help! We need to find a needle in a haystack, but we just did it with a pregnant cat, why not with a chubby one?

If you wish to adopt or are a rescue, please contact me, Robin, at and I'll put you in touch with all the right folks. We can deliver Helmet to YOU at no cost.

We've had a lot of WINS this week. It's just ONE MORE CAT, right?

Please share for Helmet!


He's beautiful and this breaks my heart. I shared on FB and will let you know if I have any leads. 

Hi, I'm in Texas.  Is this too far to send him?  Does he get along with other cats?  This is heartbreaking.  If it come down to he has no choice and is going to be put down, or no one is available to foster, I'd be willing to foster him.  I don't know if I'd be a suitable candiate, but I know it would be better than death or living in a cage.  I have 7 other cats who are indoor/outdoor.  Since Helmet is declawed he would only be allowed out w/ my supervision in my fenced yard or on lease.  My other cats:  a feral rescue that I took a year to socialize (about 10 years old now-guesstimate), a kitten from Humane Society d/t chronic diarrhea (which I worked for months to get resolved)now 2 years old, a kitten who wouldn't let anyone touch him (now is a love bug)now 1&1/2, a stray, hungry kitten (now  who wandered in one day)-now 6 years old, three litter mates from a fostered pregnant stray that I just couldn't part with (now all 7 years old).  I use the low cost animal vaccination clinic for there shots and flea guard.  I could help with some of the cost to get him here.  I know there is a pet airline just for this purpose.  I'm sure it must fly into Texas somewhere.  Putting cats in cargo on planes scares me.  I'd drive across country with cats before I'd fly them with the baggage.  If no option comes available, let me know.  Best of luck, and you'll all be in my prayers.  I'll send another donation in next month.  I'm tapped this month since I've given to a couple kitty causes over and above my tithing budget.  Blessings, Roxan

Sharing with special message on my fb for HELMET and "just one more cat" with love and *PRAYERS* for them ALL.  What gorgeous treasures they all are!  And ongoing *PRAYERS* for Bongo <3

I shared the information on Facebook.  I suggested to readers that if they were repulsed, they should do something to end it.  I will once I take care of a few things at home. 

I really don't understand why owner-surrendered cats are automatically killed.  That just seems so ludicrous.  Of course, I hate kill shelters anyway.  You know how people fantasize about winning a big sum of lottery money?  My first desire was to create a no-kill shelter and a foundation to support it.

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