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Not on My Watch: In Honor of Jackson Galaxy

Two awesome things happened today. One was interviewing Mr. Jackson Galaxy, of Animal Planet's new hit show: “My Cat From Hell.” My article about our chat will be posting tomorrow (since I had to stop writing it so I could jump onto reason number two). The second thing was the FIRST RESCUE OF THE YEAR IS UNDER WAY!

Look at that FACE! You just want to smooch it!

A few days ago I posted about this BIG HONKIN' LOVERY BOY holed up in the Georgia State Pen…I mean, Henry Co. Care & Control. Sittin' on good old death row waiting for the inevitable…

My buddies at Animals in Distress saw him and even though they are full up, they said they would make room for this charming giant beast of a cat if I would take care of getting him out of Georgia and making the arrangements for him to travel to Connecticut. If all I have to do is make a few phone calls and send out a few emails, I'm going to drop what I'm doing and take care of it.

Jackson copy.jpg
©2012 Henry Co. Care & Control. Meet Jackson! Freshly rescued and on his way to a much better life! Your story begins now, you big, love-bug!

Our intrepid team: Maria and Bobby, said YES to helping out even though they, too, had to drop what they were doing and bust this big boy out of his cage.

I asked if we could name him, Jackson, in honor of all of Jackson Galaxy's good work and we all agreed. Then, my heart stuck in my throat. Did I speak too soon? What if our newly named rescue had FIV+ or worse…Feline Leukemia??!!

I didn't want to imagine Mr. Galaxy hearing the great news about the rescue, followed by the bad news of what might happen if this cat had Leukemia. I hate this part of rescue the most-the waiting and the worrying. What will the snap test reveal? This is a big “biscuit head”-as they call them down south (apple head up here in Yankee-Land), Tom cat who is still intact. Odds are he has FIV+. If he did, the rescue was still on 100%, if he had Feline Leukemia-I just didn't want to think about that. From 1000 miles away I'd be hard pressed to come up with a solution to board him anywhere until we could retest him in a few months.

So the wait began…and along with it, the worrying.

Maria just texted me. “Neg/Neg” was all the text said. It was more than enough to know that Jackson was safe. Next stop getting him (the CAT, not the person!!) neutered and get his vaccines on board.

In a few weeks, Jackson will be here with us and we'll start the process of finding him a forever home. I can't help but think if Jackson, the man, were here with us, he'd be pleased, maybe even sing us a song as he energetically strums his 1930's ukelele and I'd just have to sit here, glowing, with a big crush on both these guys.

What's not to love?


Jackson is so handsome!!!

Yay to you and all involved...he looks like a big snowman and will melt the heart of someone!

I don't think I ever saw a cat look so sad! I'm so glad you've all managed to arrange his rescue - he certainly looks like he needs some love and affection, poor little guy.  Well done Team!

But he is very gorgeous, isn't he! 

Sigh... all these lovely kitties, so many miles away...  Still, perhaps that's just as well, or I would have a house full of cats by now!

Just read this! So happy for Jackson :)

YEAH!!! Mom says she seriously wants to smooch that tomcat head!! Congrats on the save.

That is a moose of a kitty boy! So glad to hear that he's neg/neg. :) Now he just needs some cattoos. ;) 

A big well done to all involved in Jackson's rescue.  I'm sure he'll have no problem finding a new home - he's a very handsome chap!

Love the 'biscuit head' and 'apple head' expressions!  I've come across the phrase 'teddy bear head' here in the UK, but am not sure if it's in general use, or just used by the rescue centre I'm involved with.

Jackson looks exactly like my sisters' cat, Pepe! Pepe is the kind of cat don't like to be held (not a lap cat), very quiet, follows you around (when you've been around for a while and once he started to trust you), very calm. I love white coated cats! Adorable!

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