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Not on My Watch: From Hell to a Home to Call Their Own

When you take on the responsibility to provide a home for a companion animal, you owe it to that animal to give them a safe, clean, loving place to live for the rest of their life. There is no excuse to do anything less. It's one thing to live in spoiled surroundings, yourself, but it's another to force an innocent creature to do the same.

Home Soiled Home.

That's exactly what some people in McDonough, GA have done. They lived in a perfectly nice home and slowly, but surely, drove it into ruin by their lack of care or concern for anything other than themselves. They didn't care to take out the trash. They couldn't be bothered with putting food away in a cabinet or making the bed. The things we do in our daily life, that we don't even think about, these people couldn't be bothered with. Were drugs involved? It's likely, but I don't know for certain.


They couldn't be bothered with providing their animals with ANY vet care. The cats had litter after litter of kittens. Who knows what happened with the dogs? I can't be compassionate about these people for what they've done to their pets. Frankly, if they want to mess up their lives, that's their path, but to drag their pets into it-that's where I get mad.

You know you're white trash when...

I don't even want to refer to these people as people because clearly they live like animals and that's making animals sound bad. They're disgusting, self-centered, thoughtless. Their animals roam free, not ONE of them is spayed or neutered. Two of the cats are pregnant. Two of the cats, somehow are not, yet.

What would you do if you lived near these people?

The windows are too dirty to photograph through.

One of our own, found out. Our foster mama, Maria lives next to this house. She saw the ruin, the filth. She knew if she called animal control the animals would be put down fairly soon. So, she started a campaign to get these people to do the right thing for their animals. She told them there are low cost Spay/Neuter clinics. There are vouchers to take to any Vet. She offered to get the cats vetted and pay for it! It's not that tough to do right for your pets, but there was one excuse after another as to why it couldn't be done. It was plainly clear that they didn't even understand why taking their cats and dogs to the vet was even necessary.

Maria's blood boiled.

And this is the nicer part of the house.

I spoke to her at great length about what to do. The people were moving. Their current house was foreclosed-no surprise there. They said they would get the cats taken care of after they moved-saying they should have some money by then. Right. I'm sure they were really going to do that. Maria sensed the same “BS.” Maria pushed, asking to, at least, let her get the two that were not pregnant, spayed.

Looks like Christmas got out of hand.

After she thought about the life these cats would face if they stayed with these people, she realized that the only thing she could do was to offer to take the cats and find them a good home-the LAST thing Maria has time or space for, but Maria followed her heart.

Such a contrast. Warm, friendly, yellow walls that are surrounded by garbage.

It's not convenient or easy or cheap to take on two more cats. Maria really struggled, especially because a few of her cats have needed emergency trips to the Vet and it took a big chunk out of her finances. I'm sure she wished these people would step up and do the right thing, but she knew they wouldn't and in fact, just as they were going to move away, they changed the date to a few days earlier, which turned up the heat on Maria. She HAD to act NOW. She couldn't save all their animals which made her feel terrible. She didn't really have the ability to take on these cats, but she did it-she took the cats into her home.

Picture 028.jpg
Introducing, Muddles & Cuddles! Which one is which?

Their names are Muddles and Cuddles. One look at them and you'll fall in love. Despite the dreadful living conditions they've been exposed to, they are very affectionate four year old silver tabbies. How these cats managed to not become feral or fearful is a testament to their fortitude. They've suffered for years at the hands of "people" who had no concern for their well being. I doubt they had anything decent to eat and they certainly did not have a litter pan to use or a CLEAN place to sleep.

They were taken from a box of free kittens at a Walmart to live in a dump for the next four years of their life. They deserve far better than this.

Picture 033.jpg
They love each other so much!

As with many animals who've faced dire situations, these two siblings are too bonded to separate them. We're looking for a needle in a haystack—someone who would love to adopt BOTH CATS.

Muddles & Cuddles have been completely vetted, are negative/negative for Feline Leukemia and FIV+. There is no adoption fee since this is a private adoption. The cats have been in 2 week quarantine so they can be safely transported out of state. They are located in central Georgia.

Maria tells me they're SO AFFECTIONATE that their tails POOF out when you pet them! How funny is that? They crave attention so if you want to be completely adored by two sweet sisters, then this pair is for you.

Picture 041.jpg
She still smiles after all she's suffered. What a great kitty!

We WILL provide transport. What we would ask of you is to fill out a pre-adoption application on Kitten Associates web site and we'll process your application and make arrangements for you to adopt these extraordinary cats.

If you have any questions, contact ME:

And pretty please, would you be so kind as to SHARE this post with your cat loving friends? We'd love to see these two get a great home soon and we can do that with your help!


I will not argue that it is poor living condition for any human or animal, and I am happy to see that Maria has stepped up to help. And, please know that I am a huge fan of CICH, and am in constant awe of what you do, Robin. But, this is sitting very poorly with me, and I must say something.

The pictures show the home of an obvious compulsive hoarder. Hoarding is a symptom of a mental illness, OCD. As you have frequently written about your own issues with depression, which is just another mental illness, I am shocked and saddened by the accusatory and derogatory tone in this post. Yes, these people should have taken better care of their animals, but Hoarders, like those with bipolar disease, experience a reality different from ours. They honestly believe that what we would call 'junk' is valuable. They honestly believe that they are doing right by their animals, even though we know they're not. They could probably use a little more compassion and a lot less damnation. Mental illness, like OCD and depression, is a valid disease and not a reflection on the person who has it.

Jenny, I assure you this is not a hoarder. I can see why you'd think that from the photos, don't get me wrong. I have compassion for hoarders and I understand theirs is a mental illness. These folks are not hoarders. They are a different breed. I can't say more about that because I don't want to get into legal issues, but I have been in discussions with Maria about the home and it is not a hoarding situation. They would think they were doing right by the animals and that no one could take good care of them, not be ambivalent and toss them to the first person who offers to take them off their hands.

I hope this helps.

Maria you totally ROCK!!! Positive energy and prayers said for a loving home for these babies soon!!! Robin I have a suggestion. I think it might be a good idea to delete the + after FIV in case people are not reading closely...would not want anyone to think they are FIV positive. These babies are beautiful. Thanks for sharing their story

Jenny your accusatory post saddens me. Are you a medical professional? Everyone is entitled to their opinions but not everyone is entitled to make a medical diagnosis. You have no idea if these people suffer from any kind of mental illness and are in no position to deride Robin for her opinions. My compassion for people ends when their actions impact animals in a negative way. Right or wrong that is my opinion.

Let's just say, good work, Maria! You got the people to do the right thing by giving the kitties to you, and you took great care of them. I hope they find wonderful homes now.

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