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Not on My Watch: The Halloween Express

Maria is full up with foster cats and kittens. Even though I know that, it weighed heavily on me that there were three orange kittens and one little black one that I could possibly help. Adoptions are going too slowly and I'm worried that because I don't have everything in place to advertise my available cats that if I DID greenlight getting more kittens, that I wouldn't have room for them by the time they arrived in two to three weeks.

I emailed a few folks about possibly helping with fostering. Everyone is busy, but a few said they COULD help me out. I did not want to drag my feet so I decided to go for it.

I found out early on that the two smallest kittens had been put down. URIs are rampant. At the first sign of a sneeze, they put them down. I f-ing HATE IT, but that's the rules. I'm not going to show their photo. I know it makes you guys cry. It sure made me do the same thing.

I didn't want to take just two since I should have room for more when they would arrive. I should take as many as I can get. The two kittens are 12 weeks old and by the time they get there, 14 or more. It's harder to get them adopted than small kittens, but I can get them spayed/neutered in GA and have them ready to go when they arrive-instead of waiting a week-or in the case of my last batch of kittens, over a MONTH for the S/N to happen here in CT. Then I was faced with if I didn't take those two cats that they would probably die...and could I live with that?

You look at their faces and tell me you can say no to them.

©2010 Henry County Care & Control. “SAVE ME!!!!”

Another round of calls and emails. Betsy emailed me at 3:30 and said that the two orange kittens were sneezing and were going to be put about 30 minutes. They had two siblings who were OK so far. If I wanted to help them, I need to decide.

©2010 Henry County Care & Control. “SAVE US!!!!”

My hands started to shake. Now I had four kittens to rescue. My stupid iPhone was going too slow. I needed to call Maria, Bobby and Betsy as fast as I could. If we could juggle some things around it could work. I called Betsy and this time she was at the shelter. Over barking and other people talking and shouting I was able to get Betsy to GET THE KITTENS PUT ON RESCUE HOLD and NOT PUT THEM DOWN!

©2010 Henry County Care & Control. “SAVE US, TOO!!!!”

Betsy said if not tonight, they would be put down in the morning. I told her I had Bobby coming over in 15 MINUTES to pick them up and to get them ready to go!!!!! I was at my wit's end. I didn't even know what the two siblings looked like so Betsy read off their ID numbers to me so I could see them on Petfinder. As I started to look at the listing, I noticed there were a few siamese mix kittens there, too. SHIT! I couldn't take them! What I really want to do is EMPTY THE PLACE OUT! I just got 6 cats out of there yesterday and 4 more today! I honestly don't know how other folks do this all the time. The stress is not good. The life and death choices are worse. least these four kittens are safe.

Bobby picked them up and has taken them to the Vet. I could hear them "singing," as Bobby called it, while we talked on the phone. I said they were screaming “THANK YOU FOR SAVING MY LIFE!”...which couldn't have been more true and couldn't have come at a better time.

GA67.17536223-1-rez .jpg
©2010 Henry County Care & Control. Meet Trick (left) and Treat (right)

Welcome to Kitten Associates, little ones!

©2010 Henry County Care & Control. and Jacques O'Lantern. (left) and Candy Corn (right)

As for me, I'm having a “ho boy, what have I done?” moment, but it won't last. As soon as I see their little faces and hear their purrs for the first time, I'll just be happy that I could help a few more escape death's cold embrace.


I have never in 30+ years had a kitten - all of my cats have been a minimum of 4 months old when I got them. I suppose that might qualify as "kitten". Almost all of our cats have been shelter cats, adopted at 5 or 6 months old, having spent almost all that time in a cage. Because of that they were never socialized; a few became cuddle bunnies and a few stayed sand-offish; all became "pet" junkies. We do have a "rescue" cat, also 6 months old when adopted, and because he was raised in a home with people and other cats he is a total cuddle bunny, actually there are times when he is down right needy and demands to be picked up and held.

My point is, that rescue people should emphasize to potential adopters that because the kitties are being raised in a home with people and other animals they are socialized and people friendly and probably cuddle bunnies.

Just sayin'

Oh Robin you did it again :-) Look at those little Halloween pumpkin smiles and those bright eyes. What a little ham the ones on the left seem to be and the tiny ones on the just want to eat them up with kisses and pray they grow to catch up with their siblings and believe me I think they will.

We had a litter outside of my work one day where the Momma had left them while I am guessing she went to find food. She was known in the area. One baby in particular did not look well and one eye was already closed. I had to go back inside after break but decided that if she did not take those babies away before I got out in 2 hours I was taking that little one with me. I knew it was best for Momma and the larger and healthier ones and especially for the little one.

I got back outside and looked all over for them. A man saw me and asked what I was doing so I told him. He informed me he had brought it to the shelter because it was sick. I called the shelter and described the incident. I finally found a woman who knew what I was talking about as it was a state building I worked in.......then the news. The baby was very sick and had been put to sleep. The only thing I must say is that for a county shelter they were kind as I cried on the phone for that kitten. She put me on with the vet who had to put the baby to sleep. The vet told me that the baby did not have a chance that she was the runt apparently and had a serious lung infection as well as the eye and there was no chance of saving her even if I had taken her with me to nurse. He said she was suffering and that she out of the pain that she had been feeling.

They did not have to tell me all of that and could have said "oh well lady too bad" come take another one.

Robin, just like Big Red with you there was something about this baby. Oh yes, I wanted them all including Momma. The people I worked with all had their eyes on the babes and from what I was told they all found homes. Momma was too wild and could not be caught sadly. I was not as smart as I am now about ferals or would have done more. My now ex was also around and brutal so I was not in a position to do much and even bringing that babe home would have been hard but I was going to do it.

My furbabies as I have mentioned before are all rescued ferals from outside not a shelter. They all had upper respiratory etc. I know how contagious it is and how hard it is to cure. That does not make it easier when we hear of any being put to sleep because they were sick with it when we know it CAN be cured. I wish I had a house with a room I could set up as a nursery just for the furbabies sick with that and one for HIV and one for FelV. They deserve love and a forever home too. If ever I am lucky enough to do something like this I won't be an animal hoarder I will learn how to be a cat nurse besides being their forever Mom. I have enough love for them all just like you do.

Bless you Robin and everyone that saves these babies and bless the babes out there who are waiting for us to save them.



You're a great writer and your story and sentiment was very touching. That you care enough to try, even though you know the outcome may hurt your heart, well that speaks volumes about what a special person you are.

You are blessed by all you do and all the cats who are lucky enough to come your way.


We do let folks know in our Petfinder ads that the cats are "confident, friendly and affectionate..and playful and friendly to other animals" but mentioning that they are lovingly cared for in a home environment is a big PLUS. Thank you for mentioning that. I will have to tweak our KA web site!

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