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Not on My Watch: Chapter 1. Today I was Rescued.

I love all cats, okay except for those nudie-ones. Yick. Cats need to have fur if at all possible. Sorry! Although I may struggle with loving cats equally, I admit being a sucker for a few things. 1) BIG CATS, 2) FLUFFY CATS, 3) CATS WITH BLUE EYES, 4) TUXEDO CATS.

Meet cat ID# 5/19-1791. He lives in a cage at Henry County Care & Control.

AC 6.1.11 080.jpg
©2011 Henry Co. Care & Control. Waltz, anyone?

Cat ID# 5/19-1791 goes beyond being just big-boned. He could be your dance partner he's so tall or he could keep your entire bed warm at night. He will chat to get attention, but has a tiny tiny “meow.”

AC 6.1.11 081.jpg
©2011 Henry Co. Care & Control. Big hugs for a big lug.

ID likes other cats, but is not too keen on dogs. ID is chill. He likes to hang with his human friends, too. Apparently, ID enjoys a good meal every so often, maybe a few times too often.

ID# 5/19-1791 has lovely blue eyes and a nice, fluffy tail. At Henry County Care & Control they say he might be part ragdoll. I think he's 100% fluffy-esque.

AC 6.1.11 084.jpg
©2011 Henry Co. Care & Control. That is MY kinda cat!

After yesterday's loss of Big O, I felt a strong desire to do something life-affirming. I read the plea about cat ID# 5/19-1791 and I looked at those big blue eyes and I thought, why not? We can always make room for one more, right? I'll sort out the details later. For now, this cat has been at the shelter too long and we know what that means...every day is one day less he has to get out alive.

In honor of telling Death to go suck it (see yesterday's POST for more on that), I made arrangements for this gigantic love bug to get busted out of his steel cage and into temporary foster care.

AC 6.1.11 084 rez.jpg
©2011 Henry Co. Care & Control. No more cage for you!

He is FREE as we speak. He's getting vetted, then going to Aunt Bobbie's house to be fostered until his quarantine period is over. After that, we'll put him on a bus or something and get his big fluffy butt up here to Connecticut where we'll find him a super-awesome home.

In honor of one of our supporters, we're going to name cat ID# 5/19-1791, Phil. Yes, Phil.

Meet Phil, our latest rescue. Welcome to the family Phil. Chapter 1 of the story of your new life starts today!

©2011 Henry Co. Care & Control. You may begin to adore him in 3...2...1

UPDATE: Phil is neg/neg for FIV+ and Felv!! YAY!!!! And he only weighs 15 pounds?!!! Must have big bones!


Here I am writing about foreclosures and early education initiatives and I REALLY want to write about the likes of Phil!

He's so gorgeous!!!!!

What kind of effort does it take to adopt a cat like Phil? I'm in Ill. Don't know what you charge, what that includes, and what kind of transportation arrangements are possible to ship him. I have an 8 yr. orange and white, long hair BIG male that is my soul mate, so I'm partial to ones that look like that. We have several other cats and 2 poms. They are all spoiled, and I am at home with them all day. Would love some more information if I could.
Thank you!!

He is absolutely gorgeous!

some pictures of this fantastic guy soon. Am letting him get accustomed to being here. He's been through a lot, and I want him to be comfortable. He got a chip, had blood drawn, took some not too good medicine, got felt all over and the v-e-t opened his mouth to check out his teeth, then he had a couple of long rides in a PTU yesterday! Big day for a big boy!

Phil is a beautiful cat!! Thank you for bustin' him loose. I have a ragdoll and they are so loving. If Phil is part ragdoll, then I see where he gets his disposition. And his eyes are gorgeous!!! Whoever adopts him will be very lucky to have him in their life. I wish the BEST for Phil!!

What's the update on the beautiful big boy Phil? Do you want a local adoptee? The inquiring minds of the Mancats of Cat Wisdom 101 wish to know.

Phil can be adopted in the state of Georgia just about any time after next week OR he can be adopted here in Connecticut in mid-July. If you have someone interested in Phil, they can fill out a pre-adoption application with my rescue group, Kitten Associates, Inc.

Application is here: http:

and our Policies are here (make sure they read on our rules about diet):

We can do out-of-state adoptions, but prefer local so we can do a home visit.

Thank you!

BTW-Phil is loving his foster home. Is playing and eating well!

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