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My Broccoli

I was making chicken stew from scratch. I don't have a true recipe and was just making it up as I was going along. I decided I wanted to do something different so I prepped some mushrooms, onion, carrots, peas and BROCCOLI to add to the stew. I had a bag of frozen broccoli, so I microwaved to get it thawed out and ready to add to the stew. The package was a “steamer bag” and to open it, you just rip the top off and it sits upright until you empty it out.

Of course with all the cooking, the cats were hovering close by-too close in some cases. It was a constant battle to keep them out of the food as it was being cooked. I figured I didn't have to worry about the cats getting into the chopped carrots, peas or open bag of broccoli sitting on the counter as I stood by the stove stirring the cooking meat…until…

©2012 Robin A.F. Olson. Is it true? Is the DOOD hooked on the green monster?

…I heard a sound. I turned in time to catch the DOOD, standing on the top of the lidded garbage can. His back legs were on the can and his front were on the counter! A big no-no! What was worse was catching him as he pulled his head OUT of the bag of broccoli, in his mouth a huge floret!

I scolded him but he was too busy running off into a corner of the kitchen, fiercely growling the entire time. What the HECK was going on? Broccoli? Really?

The rest is history…

©2012 Robin A.F. Olson. Don't $#&^!! with the DOOD's Broccoli!

Needless to say there wasn't any broccoli in the stew. I did save the bag of broccoli to test on the other cats. It was very odd. None of them wanted it, but the DOOD, the DOOD will chase me around the house to get at HIS BROCCOLI!

Don't $#@$!! with the DOOD's broccoli!



If you didn't already hear the news, the DOOD has his very OWN Facebook page! Make sure you stop by and visit him!



That video was broccoli brilliant! Thanks for giving us a chuckle on a Friday afternoon!

Robin -

that MADE my morning!  it has been a roller coaster morning (someone's car door was caught by the wind & dinged my less than 2 month old Equinox!) but THIS - THIS made my day SO much better - I giggled all through out it.  FWIW - one of my fur-kids likes tater-tots (well, PIECES of tater-tots) fresh from Sonic..

My late, and BELOVED Panda used to go NUTS over asparagus...!!! Of course, he also liked lima beans, corn, peas and green beans...and cantaloupe. Never did try to give him broccoli...though I'm guessing he'd probably have eaten it! =)

My Olives loves bananas! (And all bread-stuffs, donuts, waffles, green beans, ...) I wonder why some cats go for weird things! (My grand-cat loves cabbage!)

That is hilarious!  I have to try broccoli on my bunch.  I love the Dood!

My cat Nelson loves brocoli!!!

That Dood is a real "Cutie."  I loved his ferocious growl.  His personality is so entertaining.  You are right saying that he does look like your beloved childhood cat, Stanley!

That is a great video. That Dood is one handsome fella. Is that Jake & Teddy trying to get in on what he'e eating and then going, 'um it's brocolli! why are we bothering?' My Sam and Zorro like corn and roast pumpkin, and Sam is partial to a bit of brocolli floret. Grated carrot in their food is fine as well as finely chopped iceberg lettuce. they say cats like cucumber and melon, too but i've not really tesed them. Hm...

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