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Movie Monday Staring Bob's Pumpkin Patch

As some of you may have heard, Sam and I found out our boy, Nicky is possibly in the early stages of renal failure. As we process the news and look into further tests and ways we can help him, I thought today's post should be easy on the eyes and something to get the week off to a good start.

Presenting Movie Monday!

©2011 Maria S. Hello cutie!

Bob's Pumpkin Patch kittens are five weeks old! The boys, Jake, Mike and Teddy are doing very well. They're all growing and enjoying play time. Okay, so they have a way to go to figure out what the litter pan is for...oops! At least they're eating well. Teddy is the “wild child” and loves to race around so much that foster mama, Maria has a tough time getting a photo of him.

mikey and teddy.jpg
©2011 Maria S. Mikey (right) and Teddy (left) who is sitting still long enough for a quick photo.

Bobette's coming out of her shell. The confinement at the shelter and the stress of not eating for 4 days while there is long passed. She's eating well and playing with the kittens. Bobette's just a kitten herself at only 10 months old. She's more like a big sister than a Mama.

mom and jake.jpg
©2011 Maria S. Jakey and Mama-Bobette. It doesn't get any sweeter than this!

At 5 weeks, the kittens are making their milestones of eating more food and depending less on mama. Their weights are good and their muscles are getting stronger. There's less wobble to their walk with more refined movements.

It's been a very sad road, losing three of their littermates right after we rescued them. I look at how well the boys are doing and wish their siblings were with them, too. What they would look like they would be playing and having fun right along with their brothers. I'm grateful some of the kittens survived, but I suppose I'll always feel a haunted by the ones who didn't.

©2011 Maria S. Looks like mama wants to play, too!

Jakey and mikey.jpg
©2011 Maria S. Mikey and Jakey

I love to look at their faces! I wish I could be with them now. I have to wait for them to get bigger before they can come up here. It's great that ever since Maria got a new cellphone, she's been able to capture photos and videos with ease. I can tell from the many emails she sent that she spent a good part of her weekend hanging out with the kittens taking photos and shooting video-and who wouldn't?

©2011 Maria S. Boys just wanna have fun!

Too bad Maria can't get maternity leave from work so she could stay home with the kittens! Try to explain that one to your boss!

the boys.jpg
©2011 Maria S. Passed out cold after playtime overload.

I hope you all have a great week. Back to doing research about cat's kidney function for me...oh, and I have 7 more kittens for you to meet starting tomorrow!


What a beautiful family. The boys are precious and Bobbette is beautiful. She looks like she is a great mama cat!

Unbearable likeness of cute!

awwww - what a cute way to start a Monday. It is hard to see surviving kittens and not remember the ones we have lost.... but these guys certainly are doing well.

Purrs to Nicky and all of you...

Oh looking at their roly poly bellies is just too much.
They are looking wonderful and is Mama!

Awww.... kitten fix! Yes, I still wonder what kind of life the kittens I have lost would have had. Just goes with the territory. You probably know, but the Cornell Feline Health Center has a great video on feline kidney disease. I listen to it often to help me explain it all to our clients at the cat hospital.

and you might look into Epikatin and Azodyl

Crazy cute.

Bobette and her boys make a beautiful family Those boys are just so darn cute!! If watching those videos don't make you happy then something is wrong. Thinking about the other 3 that did not make it. It would have been a joy to watch six kittens playing around. We will be thinking about Nicky and keeping our paws crossed for him in hopes that he gets better.

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