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the mournful killing of the catnip toys

OK, so this ONLY EVER happens after we've turned all of the lights out, and are in the bedroom, but Quincy-beast, the wacka-doodle-noodle, who deserves a medal from being a trouper with a toddler, will literally MEOW like he's been mortally wounded. I turn around to look, and there he is, cat nip toy in his mouth, meowing and crying, almost. I think him for mortally wounding the cat nip, and then just go about my business.

It's SO FREAKING ODD. i have NO idea why he does this. At night. When the weird factor goes up a notch. But in the morning, we find those dang cat nip toys (handmade toys, home-grown nip) in our bathroom, or the rug by our bed, and dutifully, in the am, we transport them back to the living room.

We just keep praising him for protecting us from the scarry nip, but other than that? Well, it's just odd, i tell ya!

Gracie, I believe, is not crying, so much as perhaps announcing she's got a MOUSE in her MOUTH (even if it's a TOY).

On numerous occasions, I've caught her running around with either a stuffed mouse toy or a REAL mouse in her mouth. She'll just sit there and hold it and stare at me. Really creepy. If I'm not looking, she will yeowl while the thing is in her mouth. It's the alarm for me to get up and find out if she's got something real or not! I also wonder if she's doing it to let the other cats know something is going on?

This is interesting. We must probe deeper to find out what is going on! (see today's blog post for a photo of her in action)

hee hee!

oh dude - he totally stops when I pay attention to him! I guess, since we are apartment dwelling folk, that the REAL mousies may be (G-d willing) harder to catch, so he just does his duty with cat nip.

I'll have to grab a picture sometime.

Odd ball that he is.

Mine do that, too! Jack is notorious for it. I really think that they're play-acting and using their imaginations.

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