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Mia's Story: The Verdict.

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Mia. What to do? Do I transport her to my home in Connecticut or leave her with her foster mom, Moe in Georgia. That has been the question plaguing me for the past few weeks.

I asked all of you to offer your thoughts on this matter and I appreciate that so many of you took time to share your experiences with me. It confirms my own confusion, simply by reading all your comments. Your vote is almost evenly split between leaving Mia behind and keeping her with her kittens.

transport leaves for CT.jpg
©2014 Foster Mom Moe. Transport heading north. Have a safe trip!

I decided what to do well before I wrote my post. I decided it would be better for Mia to stay behind, but as the days passed and Moe sent me photos of the kittens with their mom, my opinion began to waffle. I knew that whatever I did there would be at least a facet of the decision that ends up being a “bad” choice. Whatever comes to pass it will be a learning experience. We hope for the good outcome and fear the bad.

2014-06-26 greta and mia rt bxsm.jpg
©2014 Foster Mom Moe. Mia and Greta.

I also realized that although Mia would be alone, it would be different if she was alone here. Sam and I are home all day and can spend time with her. Moe is not. I was concerned that Mia would regress out of being along for so many hours per day. Coming here Mia will not be alone, but in a few weeks IF things go well, we may have enough kittens adopted out to where we CAN begin the one on one work…but that's a big IF. I'll be working with her every day while her kittens have fun in their new, much bigger space, but I may not get too far until she's alone.

Lastly, I adore Mia. She may be impossible to get off the transport tomorrow. She may bite the crap out of my hand and send me to the ER. She may be so exhausted she may go easily into my cat carrier and not be a problem at all. Whatever comes to pass, Mia will be with her family and us, tomorrow afternoon. I couldn't leave her behind. I just couldn't.

Early next week we're getting a second HD Dropcam. This one will be in Mia & Family's room. I'll be posting a link to view it on our Facebook Page, but for now you'll be able to see them via SqueeTV Ch 1 starting late tomorrow afternoon (Saturday 6/28, EST). The camera will be off until the kitties arrive.

Thank you all for your help and for sharing this journey with me. I've got my fingers crossed that I made the right choice and no matter what happens, I'll be sharing the story of what happens next right here.


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There is no doubt that this was a hard one.  Difficult to leave the anthropomorphising out and make a good decision based on cat, not human, behavior.  I do think you did the right thing for Mia.  Only time will tell.  At least there is a human doing her best to make good decisions for Mia and others like her.  Good for you.

Sounds like you have made a good decision, from the heart.  Go with it and I pray all will be well for this little family!

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