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In Memory Of...

...the best cat, ever.


Stanley Pertwee Kokopelli 1991—2003

Six years ago, today. I lost my best friend. He was the most perfect, sweethearted and loving cat I have ever known. His name was Stanley and I only had him in my life for just five years before he passed away suddenly and unexpectedly at the age of 12 from HCM.

I know so much more about cat health and have so many more medical resources, I know I could have prolonged his life and prevented him from needless suffering during his last days, but I can't get a "do over" on this one. God knows I wish I could.

I wrote much more about Stanley's story in one of the chapters of CiCh. If you'd like to read it, let me know and maybe I'll get off my ass and post it.

Six years feels like infinity without you, Stan. I still cry when I think about how much I miss you.


So sad for you. I just lost my Manfred on April 6th to a heart ailment that went undetected until it was too late. He would have been 5 in July. I comfort myself with the fact that he did not suffer at all and in his short life he only knew love. This doesn't take away from how much I miss him it just makes it bearable.
It is the worst kind of pain. Stanley is a beautiful boy and the fact that he was your kitty means he got some wonderful loving in the 5 years he owned you: )
RIP Stanley.

I am so incredibly sorry for your loss of Stanley. I feel that the loss of a beloved pet is a grief you will never quite get over. I completely understand how, 6 yrs later, his death can still be so fresh and painful. We lost our beloved Oliver almost 4 yrs ago. I have yet to forgive myself for not sitting at the vet for the hrs it would have taken him to recover from his anesthesia, I could have been there to say good bye. (He did well through surgery but died of an aneurysm 30 mins before we were to pick him up. )

To be loved by these wonderful pets is, in my opinion one of the best things a person can experience in their life.


I'm SO sorry for your loss. I hate having to anesthetize any of my cats for the same reason-the fear they won't wake up from it. Most folks don't sit around all day and wait to see their cats the second they are out of a surgical procedure, so don't beat yourself up. The fact that you took Oliver to the Vet puts you way ahead of many cat owners. I have to face the same fear soon. I must get Bob's dental done. He has FIV and his gums get bad. He may lose more teeth, too. He's such an old guy, though, I fear the dental will do more harm, than good---but then there's the fear of a deadly infection!

The bottom line is you did the BEST you could for Oliver and I know he knew that. I hope you find peace of mind in that.

Also, feel free to email me a photo of Oliver and we'll post a Memorial for him here-if you wish to.


I am also VERY sorry for your loss, as well! 5 is still barely an adult kitty! How horrible to lose him so soon. I'm glad he didn't suffer, but the "undetected" part is what's worse. I do so much to pre-screen my cats for problems and STILL things get missed.

You did your best and Manfred knew a loving home for his short life. He was a very lucky kitty to have that. Still, it flat out sucks and I hate it. I wish our cats lived as long as we do some times!

Please feel free to send us a photo of Manfred and we'll post it for you.

Stanley, Manfred and Oliver are all hanging out at the Rainbow Bridge together now. I feel they're all in good company.

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