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In Memoriam: KC 1995-2010

KC giving me his big welcoming smile in 2005.

Although we're cat-centric around these parts, there are times when dogs are allowed to enter into our group. One such dog is KC.

KC was a happy go lucky Golden Retriever, who for 15 short years lived with his beloved family, Doug, Dawn and Chris. KC liked nothing better than to follow his mama-Dawn down the stairs into the basement to sit by her as she worked each day. KC would follow her back upstairs every time she'd go, possibly hoping for a treat, but most likely just to stay by her side.

KC was a very smart dog. I swear he understood whatever anyone said to him. He would walk to the end of the driveway in the morning and pick up the paper and he'd gladly obey any command. He even had a trick of “smiling” on command, though it looked a lot like he was getting ready to bite my hand off.

I can't have a dog due to allergies, so KC was one of three dogs I know who I'd gladly would ply with treats. Sadly, they made KC fart fairly seriously so I had to stop doing that! I had all the fun of watching KC chomp the pig's ear or whatever dried and tasty naughty-bit of some long dead animal. Hey, KC loved it. Who am I to judge?

KC loved to romp in the snow. Even towards the end of his life, he enjoyed the cool crunch of winter's blanket beneath his paws.

A few days ago, as KC's age slowed him down and his days of climbing and descending stairs came to an end, I got a call from Dawn. She was very upset about KC and I suggested she call on Dr. Larry and Super-Deb since they make house calls and her own Vet did not. KC hated being in the car and going to the Vet. The last kindness they could do for him was to let him go in his own home, surrounded by those who love him.

Today my sister-in-law, Anne, called me to tell me how wonderful Dr. Larry and Super-Deb were. That yes, today had been KC's last. That Dr. Larry had been gracious and compassionate and that Super-Deb was loving and attentive to an admitted “Lady's Dog.” KC was all about loving Dawn, but in her grief she could not say farewell to her good friend. Instead, Anne, who was just as close to KC as Dawn, stepped in and along with Doug, comforted KC as he took his last breath. It was a compassionate end for a dog who deserved nothing less.

KC was a very good dog, indeed, and we shall all miss him very much.


My heartfelt condolences. :(

Good doggie...

Good doggie...

rest in peace dear kc

What a beautiful eulogy Robin. It made me feel like I knew KC and now my heart is now breaking for Dawn & the rest of KC's family. Losing a fur-baby sucks.
Kudos to Dr. Larry & Super Deb too - all vets should offer this kind of compassionate service. I don't think any animal/person should spend their last moments in fear.

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