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From Meh to Meow: Polly

Meh to Meow.R.Olson.jpg
©2010 Maria Sandoval and ©2011 Robin AF Olson.

Polly has come a long way since we rescued her last October. She was sickly and we were very fearful that she was going to die. Fortunately, Polly is plucky and had two great foster moms looking after her. Although Polly STILL has sneezing and watery eyes, overall she's doing well and has grown a lot. She loves to play and get into trouble with her brother, Chester and if you dare to lay down near her, she's the first one on your lap, chest or head. Her purr is very loud, so don't try to sleep next to her.

Seeing her all these months later, reminds me that this is the day I was hoping would come-when I could look at Polly and know she's going to be okay. The worst of what ails her is over for now. With any luck, only better days are ahead of her.


What a beautiful kitty and so lucky to have found you all. Great story.

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