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Make Yourself at Home. Really.

sleeping on pad of paper_Sm.jpg

©2010 Robin AF Olson. Blitzen cleverly finds a new place to nap. Right next to my office chair.

I had a pad of drawing paper sitting on a box near my desk. Of course this is Blitzen's new favorite place to nap. The problem I have with it is while I'm writing, he'll sneak his paw out and tap me on the arm or push against my leg, then next thing I know he's sitting on my lap!

sleeping on pad of paper2_sm.jpg
©2010 Robin AF Olson. Blitzen appears to be asleep, but he's a trickster. In a second he will reach out his paw and start to tap me while I'm trying to work.

I keep moving him back to the pad, but he won't sit still for too long. I finally broke down and got a cat bed to stack on to of the box and the pad of paper. This, of course, has encouraged him to start walking on my desk and keyboard qp5390uq345;la320$$@q40u9!

See what I mean?!


When I began working from my home, my now-departed Zeus was constantly trying to get on my lap when I was in front of the computer. I eventually cleared a spot off of my desk next to the monitor and put a pillow there. That became his hangout during the day while I was working, and he liked it so much I'd find him sleeping there even when I wasn't working. It's so hard to kick the cuties off your lap, isn't it? ;)

WoW!! can Blizten get more cute? Every picture you post, he is cutter!
Can't believe how big he is getting. What a handsome boy :)

So cute, cats do that. My cat Chacha is begginning to jump on my lap. However, she is also ruining my shorts with her claws.

blizten seems like an awesome cat. i'm glad you kept him. :)

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