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For the Love of Jackson

This post is dedicated to all the good people out there who love our foster cat, Jackson Galaxy. Without your love and support it would have been very difficult to provide the high level of care Jackson required to diagnose that he was suffering from hypertrophic cardiomyopathy-the most common and often fatal heart ailment that effects cats.

jack in the box.jpg
©2012 Robin A.F. Olson. Jackson is comfortable at last. In one of his favorite spots-a cardboard canned cat food tray near the kitchen.

While we will always do whatever it takes to help our foster cats, the funds in our bank account were at an all time low. We begged and borrowed (no stealing, though!) and got Jackson the help he needed. Once you heard there was a crisis, many of you jumped in to help fill our coffers so we could make sure Jackson got what he needed.

I'm pleased to let you know, knock wood, that Jackson is doing well. He's responded to treatment and he's easy to pill (so far!). There's more down the road, more tests, adjustment of medications, but right now Jackson's comfortable, chatty, eating well and happy (okay he has a few eye-boogies, but I'll clean them off next time he gets pilled).

©2012 Robin A.F. Olson. Enjoy this update on our Jackson. It may have a sad start, but I know you'll enjoy the new footage of Jackson in action.


In honor of everyone who re-tweeted, shared on Facebook, dug deep into their pockets, please accept my most sincere THANK YOU. Thank you Jackson Galaxy for posting our plea on your Facebook page and letting your fans know your namesake needed help. Thank you to Jill Delzer for being super-awesome-a shoulder to cry on, to Katherine at Animals in Distress for soothing my soul and helping us pay for Jackson's much needed echocardiogram.


I'm truly grateful for every prayer, good wish and virtual hug. I know Jackson is, too.


Thank You Love of Jackson.jpg
©2012 Robin A.F. Olson.


Thank you for posting a Jackson update for us. So glad he is recovering well. Of course he's had such great care from you too!

Has HyperThyroid been ruled out?

That's one of the next tests we'll be doing on Monday. Thanks for asking!

I'm glad he is doing ok, sometimes we forget about the real problems and we think our problems are so big, when others are needing our help... May the force be with you Jackson kitty and the amazing people who are taking care of you!

I am so happy he's doing much better.  I was really worried about him.  He seems like such a sweet baby boy.  I wish I could give him lots of cuddles.

YAY! Love to you all. Please everyone, the bills will keep coming in for him so donate if you can.


Love U Jackson!!!!

I'm thrilled he's doing better.  My white cat has eye bogies all the time, too!  My black cat doesn't need her eyes cleaned anywhere near as often, and I wonder if there's something genetic between light colored cats getting eye bogies faster than dark-colored cats.  I make sure to always check my black cat's eyes, even if it doesn't look like she needs them cleaned, so it's not the bogies blending in.  *shrugs*  Go figure!

If there was any way I could adopt Jackson, I would.  I don't care that he has HCM and his lifespan is shortened because of it.  He's such a gorgeous, loving boy!

I am holding love, light, and mojo for this precious cat! I am so thankful he is in loving hands, and he will experience being loved and cared for the rest of his life no matter what manifests with his illness, and he willle be comfortable and at home. That is what you are doing for him and all loto you in your holy"wholly" work. Namaste Linda Eisenhauerve, light, and mojo 

Our  cat was diagnosed  with hc about six years ago. We also caught it when he was in heart failure. He's still kicking! Hang in there!

I have a smile and tears now! I am so happy to read that people jump in to help you and that Jackson is doing well. I hope that this trend is going to continue.

So glad Jackson is feeling better! It's so fabulous everyone could come together and help this gorgeous cat!

Both my human and cat families, and I, are so glad Jackson is doing well! Just sending lots of love, hugs and head bonks. ^_^  We look forward to seeing more pics of him, and all the kitties!

That is so awesome how everybody pulled together to help Jackson. We kitties were sending out lots of purrs for him too!

I had a cat that was diagnosed with that.  He was 13 and was diagnosed late, but still, with medications and love, he lasted another year.  Jackson is blessed to have been found, diagnosed, treated and loved!

Happy to hear Jackson is improving. He seems like such a sweet boy.

So glad he is doing better! Hang in there Jackson and be sweet to your caregivers! Paw hugs coming your way

so glad he is getting better

My Bengal boy Sam was diagnosed with HCM when he was 2 years old.  With meds, the right food, and lots of love, he is now 12 years old, and doing great.  HCM does not have to kill when caught early enough - every vet visit should include a listen for heart murmurs, and any consistent murmur warrants an echocardiogram.

I'm glad to see that Jackson is doing so well!

So happy too see he is doing well.  Hoping he keeps going up.  Thank you to all the wonderful people out there that help Jackson out.   

I live in Australia and have been reading about Jackson on this page and Jackson Galaxy (the man's) page also.I am so pleased to see that jackson is doing well.He is gorgeous.!!!!

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