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Law of the Three C's

Back at the Vet

Back at the Vet again today, we discovered that Gracie has new areas of dermatitis cropping up. Since we've ruled out Ringworm, FIV, and Bartonella (she DID have a positive test result, but the treatment is now over for that), the next step was to take 4 skin biopsies. This way we may find out it's a bacterial or fungal infection. It will rule out cancer (I hope). At least we may have a cause, but at this point we're all scratching our heads (though,thankfully, Gracie is not!) as to what is causing Gracie to have such a sudden and severe rash.

Spencer and Bob continue to struggle with their Upper Respiratory problems, though they are both showing signs of improvement. At least Spencer is up and about now and has begun purring. He and Bob actually showed up for breakfast this morning, instead of hiding under the bed or inside the Drs.Foster & Smith shipping box they are so fond of.

I've gotten Spencer trained to hang out in the bathroom for a few minutes, a few times a day, while I run the shower at full blast-hot. The steam helps him breathe. Today Dr. Larry told me to "thump" him on the chest to help loosen up the mucus, but I'm guessing after one thump, he'll bite me, good.

Bob's deep, barking cough isn't as deep and doesn't come as often. His nose is running and he's sneezing now, too. I really want to take him to the Vet, but I have to keep him here. They can't do anything for him unless he gets worse. The constant feeling of being on high alert is tough, but I need to be better at this. As I've written in previous posts, I hate to see my cats suffer and I want them to be safe and healthy, but I want what's best for THEM, not what makes me feel the best. My goal is to learn to relax more when the cats are sick-just take it in stride and deal with it, instead of go nuts.

That said, in addition to having to pill 5 cats and worry about their well being, two days ago, my computer died. It's my work machine, so without it I'm dead in the water. We thought it was drive failure, but turns out it was the processor AND the motherboard and this was the SECOND time it happened. Last time it cost over $1200.00 to get it fixed.

This computer has never worked quite right and it was best to retire it and move on. I hated having to drop such a huge amount of money, but I gotta keep working. Apple migrated my data over to the new machine and it's ready to go. I'll get it in the morning and get back to posting daily.

And never ask: "What's next?" What the shit hits the fan.

Really. Don't do it.

After we loaded my broken computer into the car, Sam turned the key in the ignition. The car was dead. AAA had to tow it to the shop. It was then, I saw realized it was the Law of Threes in action. It was the letter: C.

Cats. Computer. Car.

I just hope our troubles stay at three. I fear the "C" calamity could include Christmas!


I just breathed a bit easier to hear that my main man is purring again.

And feel free to give him a thump, and blame it on his crazy flickr auntie Shelli, so all blame and bite potential is removed from you!

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