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I Call That, Murder!

I'm so angry right now!

Jennifer wrote to me early today. She needed to find a foster home for a cat named, Martini, who was diabetic and whose family was going to put him down, instead of provide him with proper care.

Of course this cat, like so many others, was in a tough spot. Most shelters won't take diabetic cats and most people don't want to adopt them. The worst thing of all is that Martini was only SIX years old. I'm sure his diet was poor and was most likely the reason for him getting diabetes in the first place!

Jennifer spent all day trying to find out what happened to Martini and if they would let her take him and get him in to temporary foster care, while I would drum up someone to take him long term, until we could get him adopted. The folks at the DCIN were going to cover the costs for treatment. It was all good but I wanted to wait to ask for help until we knew the status of the cat.

Jennifer just wrote me again, with bad news. The family chose to euthanize Martini. They didn't even give him a chance. I do not call this “humanely euthanizing” a sick animal.

I call it MURDER.

And I have VERY STRONG WORDS for the VET who did the deed. He or she murdered Martini-he or she did it for a buck. That Vet could have tried to get help for the cat, too, but did nothing. Just put down a SIX YEAR OLD CAT who was NOT terminally ill! It's VERY likely that Martini could have gone into remission and not been diabetic with a simple diet change.


I know the name, address and phone number of the people that did this and I am more than tempted to SHARE that information with all of you. These people are vile, reprehensible, selfish monsters. They do NOT deserve to EVER have another cat. If I didn't know I'd get myself into a world of legal trouble, I'd tell all of you to call them and tell them what you think about what they did.

And this guy is a fire fighter. Aren't they supposed to SAVE lives?

Rest in Peace, dear Martini. I hope you have a noble re-birth and come back as a human so you can KICK THIS FAMILY IN THE ASS for what they did to you.


You're in God's loving hands now Martini. Be at peace over the bridge.
Love, Boo Biggins and the Roommates

Families where that kind of behaviour happens on lazy, ignorant whim, where an animal is killed and a life ended, are not fully functioning, happy families, Good. But not for Martini. Good cat. Crap people :(

What Martinis' owners did to him is inexcusable...(I put them in the same category as Micheal Vick.) In June of 2009, I got a call from my vet. She said she had a cat that she wanted me to see. I asked 'Why?' and she said 'Just come over and we'll talk'. When I got there, she showed me a beautiful long haired black and white cat, scared, hissing, hiding under a blanket. The cat, had been brought in by an elderly woman who was ill. The woman said that she wanted the cat 'put to sleep' because SHE (the elderly woman), was ill and could no longer care for the cat. My vet said 'I dont' do that' (convience euthanization) and convinced the woman to sign the cat over to her, and she would find it a home. The elderly woman agreed, signed some papers and walked away. The cats name was 'Joy'....and still is...she lives with me now...all because of a compassionate vet. (you can see pics of Joy on my wall photos). The vet that murdered Martini needs to have his license revoked!!! Joy is no longer scared, hissing or hiding...she lives.....and lives up to her name...Joy. Shame on Martinis owners for what they did. May they never, ever sleep soundly again.

I'm very glad your Vet is a good person. Mine did the same thing to me. He called me when a young guy came in saying his cat had the runs and he couldn't get the cat better. He wanted to put the cat down because his wife was suing him for divorce and she was saying the home was unsafe with their toddler walking around with a sick cat and that the kid could get sick from being near feces.

So my Vet took the cat and called me. I really had no resources to help, but I did it anyway. The cat was just a YEAR old. He was a marvelous Maine Coon. I wish I had kept him. I found him a fantastic home in 2 days!!! He lives in town with a few other lovely Maine Coons and two big standard poodles. He is a perfect cat.

And he was never sick. Not one day.

I'm so glad you were able to save Joy!

We are saddened to hear this...Teri knows that those people are irresponsible in all areas of their life...not just with their pets. Even her boss says she gets frustrated by clients who don't live up to her's true!

I am so saddened and tearful about that precious baby and what happened. And for all the cats in the world who have no one to love them or care for them, protect them and receive their cat's love in return. I love them all. Be at peace sweet one and all of the babies young and old. I will always be a good steward of our animal family.

I am so, so sorry about Martini. These people had a chance to give him a life and refused to. One of my cats has been diabetic for 3 years now, and was about 7 years old when diagnosed. I've now become the unofficial diabetic consultant at the vet hospital where I work, and I have told the vets to let me know if someone is going to put down their diabetic cat rather than treat him or her. I can't take another diabetic but would post them on DCIN in hopes of saving them. I also talk to all the owners of diabetic cats and tell them that they really can do it, it's not as overwhelming as they might think. As for the vet in this case, most vets would not consider this a "convenience euthanasia," as the cat does have an illness (though treatable), and I doubt that many would try to find the cat another home unless they or their staff had the resources to do so. We do our best to get clients to treat diseases like diabetes, hyperthyroidism, CRF, and other things that can be managed, but it's up to them to comply.

People who do things like that should spend their next several lives as mice. (or maybe diabetic kitties)

Comforting purrrayers to Martini.

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